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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  Gas cooker specialist
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Hi problem with my boulter boiler tried to turn radiators on

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Hi problem with my boulter boiler tried to turn radiators on and no water at all! help
***** ***** : Is there a pressure gauge on the boiler?


***** ***** : What is it reading?

there are 5 bars between 0 and 1 and it is just touching the second one so i guess 0.4?!

***** ***** : It may not be working due to the low pressure, do you know how to riase the pressure with the filling loop?


***** ***** : Is there a silver flexible pipe under the boilerr on the pipework?


***** ***** : Can you turn on one end and then crack open the other
***** ***** : The water will start whistling in - keep going until the pressure rises to 1.5bar and then turn them both off
***** ***** : The boiler should now fire

Say that again please andrew I have a silver u shaped silver flexible pipe with screws in each side. what do you mean?

***** ***** : If there are no taps at each end then you will need a screwdriver to trun the valves.
***** ***** : When the slots are across the pipe then they are off, when they are in line with the pipe they are on

no change no whisttling of water still 0.4 bar

***** ***** : Have you turned the valves at both ends?
***** ***** : If that does not work then the filling loop could be faulty
***** ***** : You will need to call someone in the morning to replace it

Thanks just realised that i flicked off the surestart remote water switch earlier (what a dick) but I do work in an office thanks anyway its working now Andrew!!!

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