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My AEG lavamat turbo l14850 drying cycle was terminating before

Customer Question

My AEG lavamat turbo l14850 drying cycle was terminating before the clothes were dry. The drier was heating up but the timer counted down quickly to 1hour then went to zero. The condenser has been cleaned out and the drier thermostat replaced. Now the drier does not heat up. Any ideas what to try next?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  KevinWhiteJA replied 3 years ago.

Hi, welcome to Just answer


How old is it ?


The problem is with the heating element that is bad and will need replacement

JACUSTOMER-6u5zk4za- : It is 4 years old.
JACUSTOMER-6u5zk4za- : I have replaced the heating element but it is still not heating up during the drying cycle. There are 3 thermostats on the drying system. Is one of them more likely to be the culprit than the others? Is there any way to test them without having to find my multimeter? I have checked the wiring and connections.



you can test them for continuity once you have your meter back

JACUSTOMER-6u5zk4za- : After researching elsewhere I was directed to access the error codes on the machine. This immediately identified the faulty sensor. The dryer is fixed. I am concerned that someone posting as an expert did not suggest this.

Thank you for the Poor service usually takes you four days to post a response so how can I assume what is wrong...may be I could have helped you if the information was complete

JACUSTOMER-6u5zk4za- : A good service is not only about speed of response. Your first response suggested that there was only one possible reason for the dryer not to be heating up. At no stage did you ask what error codes were being shown by the machine. When asked whether there is a way to check the thermostats without a multimeter I would have expected an expert to have mentioned that the machines error codes would do this. A little research also suggests that it is not only continuity that needs checking on these thermostats but the resistance is important. I don't see what more information would have been needed for complete information.

Usually when someone gets a error code that is the first thing they will write. Continuity is important because no continuity would suggest that it is bad...anyways you got it fixed so good luck.