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Andrew Smith
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I have a Myson Housewarmer 45 back boiler. The pilot light

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I have a Myson Housewarmer 45 back boiler. The pilot light ignites at first spark but does not remain lit long enough to fire up the boiler.
***** ***** : Does the appliance continue to spark?
***** ***** : If it continues to spark even though the pilot is lit then it does not know it is lit
***** ***** : Try cleaning the electrode with scotchbrite until shiny
***** ***** : If that does not cure it then replace the electrode and lead

There is the normal half dozen or so clicks when the pilot lights then after a few seconds the pilot just goes out without any gas coming through to ignite the boiler. Then the sparking process begins again. The pilot lights more or less at the first spark every time. But it is not consistent sometimes boiler will light first time other times has taken up to one hour to light. Naturally I am wondering if it could be gas control valve or boiler control unit.

***** ***** : So it definitley stops ticking when the pilot is lit?


***** ***** : ok, if it knows its lit then you need to check power at the gas valve
***** ***** : do you have a multimeter?

lit first time when started it upon getting home but has been playing up ever since thermostat operated cut off

***** ***** : it could be a sticking gas valve, we just need to confirm it is getting power

do have multimeter

***** ***** : can you check the live and neutral on the gas valve and tell me the voltage you are getting?
***** ***** : Are you able to reach the valve to test this?

I take it I am going to have to remove the fire front to do this check

***** ***** : unless you can get to it from underneath the fire

can't get at it from underneath so will have to dismantle

***** ***** : ok

problem now solved. As I had to dismantle decided to have look at pilot gas injector. View from front is not good for judging pilot flame depth so dismantled blew through and has been right since. Thanks for help.

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