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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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Glow worm flexicon 24cx I have changed the batteries in the

Customer Question

Glow worm flexicon 24cx I have changed the batteries in the handset set and reset the time, temperature etc but the boiler will not respond to start up the central heating.
It is generating hot water ok
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : Do you have the make and model of the thermostat/programmer?
***** ***** : Can you see what the system pressure is?
JACUSTOMER-vedzs8fi- :

the unit is siemens RDJ10RF and the pressure is 13

***** ***** : Pressure is 1.3?
JACUSTOMER-vedzs8fi- :


***** ***** : Are you getting any lights on the receiver under the boiler?
JACUSTOMER-vedzs8fi- :


***** ***** : Is it powered from the boiler or from a differenet fused spur?
JACUSTOMER-vedzs8fi- :

by the boiler

JACUSTOMER-vedzs8fi- :

can i just press the override button on the receiver

***** ***** : Let's try and fix it first?
***** ***** : Configuration instructions for the Siemens RDJ10RF/SETThe Transmitter RDJ10RF room unit and the receiver RCR10/433 are set to communicate (bonded) with each other at the factory. If they fail to do so at installation or it is necessary to re bond the units due to loss of communication please follow the following instructions.1. For room unit: Set the programming switch to RUN and the selector switch to AUTO.2. If room unit is wall mounted remove from wall or if on table stand remove grey backing plate3. For receiver Reset by simultaneously pressing the LEARN & OVERRIDE button for 4 seconds.4. On Receiver Press and release the LEARN button. This puts the receiver in learn mode.5. On room unit Press and release the LEARN button on the back.6. A green solid LED indicates a good signal, a red solid LED indicates no signal.7. To test transmission, press the TEST button on the transmitter, this switches the relay to ON onthe receiver regardless of temperature. The RF TEST symbol appears on the display (1 s).8. An orange LED indicates that the relay is on
JACUSTOMER-vedzs8fi- :

thanks I will try that

***** ***** : How did you get on?