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Experience:  20+ yrs. experience in white goods repair. NVQ Level 2 electronics manufacturers training courses.
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DPG15iX uk semi int dishwasher washing indicator light and

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DPG15iX uk semi int dishwasher washing indicator light and start/pause indicator lights flashing

Has anything been done to the appliance ie had a new control board fitted?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No it's only 1 year old, never had any problems
Ok just checking as if you have the wash light and the start light then this error code is a software fault in the control board. So fitting unprogrammed control boards can give this error code as well.

But as the fault what you can try is remove the plug from the socket fully and leave it out for about 20 mins. As this lets the componments in the board to fully discharge. Then plug it back in and retry it and see what happens from there. Fingers crossed this may cure it.

But if its still the same then im afraid its looking like the control board itself in the dishwasher is at fault. Now when these are replace they need to be reprogrammed as they are sold blank. But to do this you need to either buy the programing software or get Indesit in as they will do it on there laptop. But the indesit option will be the cheaper option as they do a fixed price repair for £110 which is a lot cheaper then buying the part and programming software yourself.

But from the error code you have its pointing towards a control issue so try the above first and see how it goes from there.

If you need anymore info just get back to me.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Already have tried the unplugging a few times. When you plug it back in nothing happens for few minutes then the lights start again, does that still sound like the board? Was hoping it may be some fail safe?

Its looking like the memory from the control board is corupt and thats why its giving this error code.

Im afraid its not a fail safe as they dont really have them. It just flashes certain lights on the front when it picks up a fault and the fault its giving you is a control board software issue im afraid. Sorry its still looking like the control board is the fault here.

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