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my Siemens cooker has bust... model HB 15 N.50b bottom oven used to keep resetting itse

my Siemens cooker has bust... Show More
my Siemens cooker has bust... model HB 15 N.50b
bottom oven used to keep resetting itself... drpping to 160 c ... now it wont switch on
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Normally when its cutting out its usually down to the thermal cut out. Plus if its not comming on at all the thermal cut out will also cause this as well.

Look on the back and can you see the thermal cut out. Its about the size of a 10p and will have 2 wires on there. If you have a multimeter you need to check this for contonuity.

If its faulty then that will be the cause and you will need to replace it.

Let me know what you find.

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
found two... one for the top oven and one for the bottom oven
both are good - i.e not open cct
what next?
Ok can you post the full model number please. It will start E-nr.

Also is the clock set or flashing?

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
e-nr hb15n550b /10fd8804
i have powered it off, so clock was flashing, but was working fine before
top oven is working fine, but we cant fit a turkey in it !
Ok if the clock is flashing then its in auto mode and the oven wont work.

So set the time on the clock and see what happens and let me know
Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
time set still no joy on main oven - one click arounddefrost works two clicks aroundaha !on the connections on the back of the selector, the second from back in the rhs is wonkypressed the contact with a screwdriver and it switched on
Ok do any of the lights come on at all on the front panel?

Also have you looked at the selector switch for the main oven for any signs of burning on there?

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
no signs of burning
timer is on
nothing happens when main oven switched on
UNTIL I press second contact from back on rhs
I think that contact is worn or bent or otherwuse buggered... can i fix it by bending it?
when you say the contact is worn is it on the selector switch?

If so then try and bend it as in the past ive seen it a few times where it misshapes and doesnt make contact when it switches over.

But if that doesnt work then you will need to replace the selector switch itself to cure it.

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.
yes it is on the selector switch... when switched to main oven various contacts rise to meet the fixed brass contacts
i pressed down with an insulated screwdriver on each until I found the second from back on the right kicked it into action... wiggling the 4-way connection block also made and broke the connection. leave it alone and it reverted to off/busted.
switched the selector to off and tried to bend the contact down... now testing it to see if it will stay on for half an hour...
Just see how it goes.

But if it needs to be replaced then the part number is ***** this is the switch on the right hand side.

Customer reply replied 3 years ago.

erm - the main oven switch is the one on the left! and it seems to be a bit different in terms of contacts present.

the bodge seems to have fixed it.. it survived 45 minutes without cutting out.


however poking it again caused it to fail so poked and bent it again until it worked. All this high-tech gubbins brought to its knees by an old-fashioned crappy brass contact switch!


Glad to hear the bodge seems to have cured it.

As its the left hand selector switch then the part number is ***** if you need it.