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Dales-Electronic, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 1466
Experience:  I am a Home Appliance / Refrigeration Technician of 25yrs+ with my own business and for multi-brand national companies.
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Hi I have a Samsung cool tech plus F/F model SRL628ev. Part

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Hi I have a Samsung cool tech plus F/F model SRL628ev. Part of the door display has stopped working, I think a the wires may have snapped as the loom that goes from the top of the unit through the top hinge. Is it possible to have this cable replaced or is it terminal.
Unit is still working but cooling levels are unknown as display not working.
I have parted and reconnect the multi connector inside the top hinge cover, moving the wires that go into the door made the display flash on and off, now most of the display is not working.
Hope this helps
Can the inner part of the door be removed to access the cable?
Dales-Electronic :

Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries

Dales-Electronic :

This is a fairly common problem with this type of refrigerator, the loom is embedded within the door and its insulation, however once you are on line come back to me and I'll explain what to do to try and rectify the problem ~ Ian

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : hi Ian,
JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : thanks for your reply
Dales-Electronic :

OK good morning, are you at all handy with a thin blade screwdriver and can you use a multimeter?

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Yes had many years working on computers, I an
Dales-Electronic :

OK basically, technically unless you are very unlucky the likely hood of there being an actual break in the cable within the insulation is low (it doesn't move) so you have to check the cabling from display module to top hinge connector first. Unit off please. If you carefully feel around the outer frame of the display you will feel little screwdriver indents. Protecting the door (piece of rag or similar) flick the frame off from top to bottom or visa versa until you have access to the pcb. Come back to me when this is done ~ Ian

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Ok am on with thatq
Dales-Electronic :

Take your time gently gently

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : ok Pcb pulled out
Dales-Electronic :

OK you now have to check the continuity between the bottom connectors and those that come out at the top at the hinge area. Come back to me when you have completed this with any result, initially just do bottom connector to top connector with the plugs disconnected from the sockets in the hinge block area

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Ian ,
JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Ian I have metered the wires,they are
JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Ian I have metered the wires, 4 are broken,
JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Ian I have metered the wires, Black ok, Brown ok, Red ok, Orange ok, Yellow ok, Pink X, Dark Blue X, Purple X, Grey X , White ok, Light Blue ok. Guess it's bad news. Les
Dales-Electronic :

Well depends how far you want to go, when you metered them out did you do it from the front of the connector or the back and at the top did you disconnect the cables at the plug socket area?

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : From both with same results
Dales-Electronic :

OK in that case you will need to get a new door assy, I cant find you a price as they are showing up as obsolete on the largest supplier of parts in the UK. However if you want me to see if one is available I will be able to do this on Monday for you, can you tell me which colour it is as its available in white and silver/stainless.

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Yes disconnected at both ends.
Dales-Electronic :

The loom piece is not available as a separate part, you cant replace it anyway with it being foamed into the door ~ Ian

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Been used to rebuilding keyboards, so used to long winded problem solving, will keep at it. Do you know if the inner door panel can be removed or is it a sealed unit.
Dales-Electronic :

Its a sealed unit sadly you cant get into the door, if you are able I would chop of the four defective wires near the plugs and see if is actually the crimp pin that is faulty, ie chop off near the plug and then recheck continuity, you might be able to reterminate the pins ~ its far more likely to be faulty at the hinge end as the continual opening a closing sometimes caused the wires to break there. Could you now kindly rate my service to you using the smiley faces below, this allows me to close the job down but also lets you ask further questions at no extra cost, if you need me to find the cost of a new door ping me on here - thanks for the question and enjoy the rest of you weekend ~ Ian

JACUSTOMER-x9qvf5b0- : Hi Ian, yes please if you could get a price, it's Grey, (if they are still available ). Failing that I will see it I can feed a new cable, one way or another. Cable feels weak at point where it goes through top hinge. Thanks for your help~ Les
Dales-Electronic :

If I were you Les I would take the top hinge

Dales-Electronic :

sorry take the top hinge off and take out the wires thro the slot and then see if you can find the breaks, you can always solder them and shrink wrap them once done and try that. Certainly worth a shot. Could you rate my service now, I will find the cost of a new door in the morning and come back to you with the part number and price once I have it ~ Ian

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Ian, just for info, problem sorted . Bypassed the 4 broken wires with a multi core cable, all functions now working. Hide new cable behind inner panel then into PCB slot with a couple of small holes drilled behind water container. Will see how it lasts. Thanks again for your help~Les
Hi Les ~ Good on you, fingers crossed and thanks for the update ~ Ian