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Hotpoint ultima 9kg 942. Had F05 error code, checked pump filter,

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Hotpoint ultima 9kg 942. Had F05 error code, checked pump filter, whilst checking appliance had accidentally run another programme and over filled. Pumped out, now machine won't fill with water. No error codes, will run as if working ok, just no water.

Hi, welcome to Just answer


Please tell me its complete model number


and how old is it ?

JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : its a hotpoint ultima 9kg wmud 942
JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : 3 years old

OK and the pump is now completely cleaned ?

JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : Yes and it wasn't very dirty.

ok F05 error indicates pressure switch is stuck

JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : Is that at the water inlet?

no, if you have already cleaned the pump then you will have to check the small pipe attached to pressure switch


Hotpoint Linear Pressure Switch
Full Size Image


This is the pressure switch

JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : Ok, I had the top of the machine earlier and saw this. As for the pump, I only open up the outlet at the bottom front of machine, will I need to locate pump as well?

No just try to clean the pressure switch and a small hose attached to it


with the back of screwdriver just give tap this switch few times as well lightly


take that tube off and blow through it to make sure it is clean


then check if it works, if the error is still there check the drain hose connecting the unit and also remove the pump to clean it completely


let me know how it goes

JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : Thanks Kevin, that's a great help. Thanks for your assistance.

all good ?


Did that work ?


Glad it worked :) ....Excellent feedback is appreciated if you are satisfied with my assistance....Have a Good Evening

JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : I will just try it now and let you know, cheers.

OK....You can also get back to me if you need any assistance and I will help with no additional charges.


If you have further questions I will be pleased to assist you – please use the REPLY link for further assistance..Please remember to RATE my answer Excellent or Good Service when you are satisfied....Thanks

JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : Kevin, I tried everything you said, pump was clean, blown into small pipe to pressure switch, appears to fine. Tapped switch. Drain pipe not blocked. I filled machine with basin of water and used pump out cycle and drained fine. Is next move to replace pressure switch? Cheers. Stevie.
JACUSTOMER-650cdm1e- : Kevin, I tried everything you said, tapped switch, blown into small pipe and checked pump which was clean. I filled machine with basin of water, pumped out fine. Is next move to replace pressure switch? Cheers Stevie.
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Stevie, if everything is working fine and still it wont fill with water...and also if you have cleaned the inlet hose and checked the valve then the problem is with the water inlet valve not the pressure switch... please let me know if you need more help..Thanks.