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George-Allsorts, Senior Appliance Technicial Manager
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 1448
Experience:  A whitegoods technician with 30+ years service in Domestic Appliance Service & Repair, and General Mechanical & Electrical Repair
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I think I need to replace the whole of the oven lightbulb on

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I think I need to replace the whole of the oven lightbulb on my neff oven. When the bulb had gone I went to replace the bulb and noticed there was a white powder falling as I unscrewed the bulb so when I put a new bulb in it would not screw in to place. Please advise im struggling to find a solution?
George-Allsorts :

Hello, my name is***** be patient whilst awaiting any responses as I'm not constantly available.

Please supply me with the full ENr and FD of the appliance from the sticker/plate surrounding the oven orifice


ENr :U1422NOGB


Fd: 8706

George-Allsorts :

OK.. thank you for that.. one moment whilst I look at the schematic of your oven

George-Allsorts :

My apologies for taking so long, but I could not find your model, until I realised that the 'O' should actually be a '0'.

Nevertherless, the part number for the complete item is 00420775
Lamp complete with dismounting tool and lamp 40W/230V
Price £21.73

George-Allsorts :

Hi, how are you getting on with the repair.. did you manage to order the parts from that link or do you require any further assistance?


Hi George thankyou for your response. My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The link you sent me does not have an image so I take it that is the correct one. Also as this is an intergrated oven in terms of access to replace the light unit would I have to get to it from the back of the whole unit or could it be done by thd main oven ? Regards Jo

George-Allsorts :

Hi Jo.. the part number for the full kit is as above for your model as requested.. however, I would suggest that you shine a light into the old fitting to ascertain if the part actually requires a change or if it is merely blocked by the waste filament holder of the old bulb...

If it is merely a blockage then maybe a pair of long nosed pliers can remove the old part ,,

Remember to switch off the oven at the wall first

If you find that you do actually need a replacement then come back to me for instruction on how to change it

George-Allsorts :

Please remember to rate my service before you close this page. Once rated, I will stick with you for as long as I can on this problem I will be here if you need me at no additional cost and you can get in touch with me anytime by simply replying to this message (exceptions are for telephone contact whereby you have to pay an extra fee).

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