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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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There is continuous discharge from my unvented system. How

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There is continuous discharge from my unvented system. How do I check if it is the T&P relief valve or the pressure relief valve or the thermostat is faulty?
***** ***** : If both are tee'd into the same pipe there should still be a tundish after each one
***** ***** : If there is not then you will heve to undo the pipework after to finf
***** ***** : *find out which is running

There is only one Tundish

***** ***** : ok
***** ***** : If you turn off the cold water feed then it will stop eventually
***** ***** : You can then remove the discharge pipes
***** ***** : Turn the water back on
***** ***** : and then see which one is dripping

Ok. is it possible that the water temp is set too high

***** ***** : Only if it is scalding hot

It's too hot to touch

***** ***** : Once you find out which one you can buy a new head or a new valve
***** ***** : ok, do you think it is working correctly but your thermostat has failed?
***** ***** : What is the heat source?

Not sure....and not sure how to check.



***** ***** : Can you take the cover off the immersion heater and turn it down 10 degrees and see how it chages?
***** ***** : *changes

Ok...I'll try that.


My dinner is on the table will try after.

***** ***** : No problem

Thanks Andrew. Can I come back if all else fails?

***** ***** : It sounds like a thermostat problem and the T&P relief valve is working correctly
***** ***** : no problem

What is the time limit to get back to you? (A bottle of Red has just been opened!)

***** ***** : I am not sure - half way through mine!

Ok...I probably have enough to go on anyway.


Appreciate your help.

***** ***** : Yes, if it set to 60 degrees (like normal) and you are getting over 70 degrees then simply replace it
***** ***** : If you have a standard immersion heater it is a 5 minute swap

Perfect. Thanks

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