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George-Allsorts, Senior Appliance Technicial Manager
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 1448
Experience:  A whitegoods technician with 30+ years service in Domestic Appliance Service & Repair, and General Mechanical & Electrical Repair
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Hi my Neff washing machine W 5320 XO GB -door will not open.

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Hi my Neff washing machine W 5320 XO GB -door will not open. No water In machine. Something is stuck-I can see it. I need to locate emergency facility to open the door please.
George-Allsorts :

Hello, my name is***** be patient whilst awaiting any responses as I'm not constantly available.

When you say something is stuck.. can you elaborate please?

George-Allsorts :

There is no emergency unlock to your appliance, however. I can talk you through getting the door open if need

George-Allsorts :

Here is the manual just in-case you do not have a copy MANUAL

George-Allsorts :

But that is for other faults at other times, because as I have said, there is no emergency facility on your appliance according to the scematic diagrams of the machine

George-Allsorts :


Customer: I think I have actually found it. Right down the bottom next to the filter mechanism. But would appreciate being talked thru opening the door please as I have tons of washing!
George-Allsorts :

Well, if there is one in the filter housing it is not showing on the schematic... Have you managed to open the door now then?

Customer: No it is next to the filer. And no I have not managed to open the door as not sure quite what I do with this. It isn't in the manual not mentioned in manual's troubleshooting guide (useless!)
George-Allsorts :

OK.. Is it a Red Ring?

Customer: Yes but tiny and tricky for my arthritic fingers to get to-pliers?!
George-Allsorts :

No.. normally, if there is a red ring it will be screwed to the back panel.. Is there a screw in it about half way down?

George-Allsorts :

By back panel I mean the panel behind it

George-Allsorts :

I'm working in the dark here, so you need to be my eyes and hands

Customer: This is on base below door. The red ring is tiny and more orange than red. Want to photograph it but can't work out how to attach!
George-Allsorts :

Ok.. does it come out of a slot in the base of the front panel?

Customer: Yes.
George-Allsorts :

Then put the end of a screwdriver (or some other object that you can grip) through the hole and pull downwards to open the door... Now if the door doesn't open, you may need to help it with a gentle push to ease the tension on the lock if something is jammed in there causing pressure on the lock

Customer: Will do as soon as..just got to complete some thing else-multi tasking here..will get back ASAP!
George-Allsorts :

Ok.. I have to go to my full-time work in a few minutes.. I can pick this up from there

Customer: I am afraid I have given up. I have finally found an engineer to come tomorrow. Thank you for trying to help me. It's my failure.
George-Allsorts :

That is a shame...

Please take the time to rate my assistance to you...

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