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as above, same appliane same problem! almost one year to the

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as above, same appliane same problem! almost one year to the day I requested help....My tumble dryer is lighing up 3 green lights 2 ed ones…It’s a condensor, Whirlpool 6th Sense 9KG wet weight
I had a similar issue a few months back. i was asked to reset the computer by rotating 180*counter clockwise and press the start button 3 times, then turn dial one spot clockwise and press the start button again 3 times…
i may have the combination totally backwards, anyway the RED lights indicate for me to empty the water container and clean the FILTER. these have been done.. ow perhaps someone can make my CHRISTMAS with an answer and instructions on how to get it working again.

Can you post the model number please.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

model AZB9750



Ok thanks for that.

What lights are lit up on the panel?

There will be 2 red lights above each other on the left and then the green going across and another 2 lights going down. Which of them are lit?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Red lights one on either upper horizontal, three gree lights in sequence centre horizontal. all lights are in astraight line across the upper console indicating water container needs emptying the 3 centre greens indicate the HOURS, 3-6-9 end of cycle. the start (pause) button,buzzer light,start delay and gentle buttons are off except when trying to restart dryer comes on for aabout 2 minutes after the sequense of 6oclock clockwise pressing start button 3 times the moving setting dial one space and pressing the start button again 3 times.


Ok so you are actually resetting the error but as the fault is there its comming back again.

I think you may find the thermostat has cut out on the heater and its causing this fault. What you need to do is remove the top and the back panel and remove the heater. On the top are the thermostats. You need to test these with a multimeter and see if they are fault. If so then bend the metal tabs holding the thermostat down and then throw the thermostat down on a hard surface silver side down and it will reset. Give it a shake and if it rattels then its reset.

Then retry the dryer and see how it goes from there. Finger crossed that will cure it.

But as to resetting it you are doing it right its just that its picking up a fault still its error codeing out again.

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