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I have a Beco Sensor Dryer Condenser and recently it stopped

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I have a Beco Sensor Dryer Condenser and recently it stopped heating up. My repair man said that it was the heater element that had gone and than other than that the Dryer is in very good condition so it was worth repairing. Since he fit new part (total cost £130), every week at some stage it stops heating again and has to be reset (in the back). Please could you advise if you think it could be anything else. I use the Dryer in my hair salon so have never been able to use the guarantee which came with the dryer. Thank you June Ostiadel
Hi I am sorry to hear that. Yes the problem is simply a failing thermal breaker(element that is tripping out when it shouldn't be. This will happen when the heating element is replaced and not the thermal as well.
Both should be done to prevent this problem;-)
So all you need to do is have the thermal reset replaced and you will be fine.
I will stick with you until this is fixed, please don’t forget to rate my service to you before you close this page. I will be available to you at no additional cost , you can then get in touch with me anytime by simply replying to this message.
Thank you and have a great day.
Tech Michael
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your help, how much do you expect a thermal reset would cost (if it hasn't already been replaced?


Hi June it hasn't likely been changed, unless they put a defective one in.
But that part is about $60.00.
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael, I am awaiting a reply from my repair man. I am now concerned that I will get charged £20 each month for your support; my understanding is that I have paid a one-off payment of £20 and there is no other cost incurred, I hope this is correct.


Hi June,
if you didn't sign up for recurring help, then you shouldn't receive any further bill;-)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There is no text as such in your last message, only an r

Hi June, sorry for that, that was just a auto reply.
The last thing I sent was this" Hi June,
if you didn't sign up for recurring help, then you shouldn't receive any further bill;-)"
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Okay thanks. The engineer is going to take the dryer away and have a good look at it.

Thanks again for your help


Sounds good June. Sometimes its the best way to solve this;-)
I will be here if you need me.
Tech Michael