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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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my glowworm ultracom boiler is set at 80% for rads. the boiler

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my glowworm ultracom boiler is set at 80% for rads. the boiler gets to 78 then stops and drops to 53 so the rads never warm up properley. also makes a noise like a helicopter. my plumber suggests a new boiler but this is only 5 years old
***** ***** : Does the temperature drop quickly?

yes in seconds

***** ***** : CAn you put your hands on the flow and return pipes under the boiler and see how fast they heat up and cool down?

the one pipe is too hot to touch and stays like that the other pipe is not as hot but also stays the about the same then the boiler starts again.

***** ***** : There is no circulation from what you are saying
***** ***** : Are you able to take the centre screw out of the pump and see if it is actually spinning?

It is not always the same, sometimes the pipes cool right down and the boiler will not heat up for most of the day.


the pump is working

***** ***** : If you are sure the pump is running then you have a restriction in the pipework or in the boiler
***** ***** : The boiler will not come back on until it has cooled down

ok, the plumber has been a few times and has spoken to glowworm who suggest they see the boilerm

***** ***** : If there is no circulation then it will take a long time before it comes back on

if it is a good day the boiler will fire up frequently and heat all the radiators but on a bad day the rads remain lukewarm at the top ans some dont heat at all

***** ***** : Have you tried taking centre screw out of the pump and then using a battery drill with a small blade in it and see if you can shift the water faster and the boiler fires up sooner
***** ***** : This will prove if it is the pump at fault

no but i will give it a try. if it is a pump problem why would that cause the temp drops and the random working of the boiler

***** ***** : If the pump was on its way out then it may not be working fully all the time

ok many thanks for your time

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