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George-Allsorts, Senior Appliance Technicial Manager
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 1448
Experience:  A whitegoods technician with 30+ years service in Domestic Appliance Service & Repair, and General Mechanical & Electrical Repair
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Electrolux ENN26800 Fridge not cooling, but freezer ok. Checked

evaporator and no ice build... Show More
evaporator and no ice build up. Have switched off for a couple of hours and cleaned. Switched back on and the fan in the freezer runs ok for a while then stops. Could not detect any cold air entering the fridge side. Now cluless!
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George-Allsorts :

Hello, my name is***** be patient whilst awaiting any responses as I'm not constantly available.

Can you supply the PNC or Product code from the label in the fridge please

Customer: Model No ENN26800; Type No B256966; Product No 925 697 710-03
George-Allsorts :

Thanks for that... Let me just go and get the information and diagrams for your system

George-Allsorts :

Can you tell me .. is yours a 2008 or a 2011 model?

Customer: Hi George Product no should read B256996 apologies. If I remember we purchased the product in 2009
George-Allsorts :

Thanks for that... one moment please

George-Allsorts :

Can you check at the rear of the appliance to see if the Compressor is running

Customer: It's integrated but I can hear it running when switched on and the freezer compartment is all OK.
George-Allsorts :

OK.. Thanks.. Can you tell me the temperature in the freezer

Customer: its low at the moment as it hasn't been switched on very long. It's currently at minus 7 degrees. It was at minus 19 earlier this morning before I switched it off
George-Allsorts :

Can you wait until it reaches -16 and then let me know if the flap has opened to allow cool air into the fridge please

Customer: ok will do. I'll put into fast freeze mode, is that ok?
George-Allsorts :

I personally would allow it to do it naturally, however, if you feel you do not have enough time to wait then please do so

Customer: Ok George, thanks
George-Allsorts :

Has the appliance reached tempeature yet?

Customer: Hi George. We are at minus 9 degrees now on normal mode
George-Allsorts :

OK.. how long was the appliance switched off for?

Customer: Quite a few hours and is empty of food
George-Allsorts :

Ahh.. ok.. that means it will take some time to get down to temperature

Customer: Yes is that ok?
George-Allsorts :

come back to me when it has reached -16.. but if I am not here, don't worry, as I will come back later

Customer: ok
Customer: Hi George, temp at -15 and has been for quite some time having set a target temp of -20. compressor is all quiet, so not sure what's going on as this morning first thing it was at -19 and I noticed the warm fridge problem last night
Customer: I can feel warm air coming into the fridge compartment from the small square grill on the right hand side at the bottom!. Fridge temp at +15
George-Allsorts :

OK.. leave it a while more.. We need the temperature in the freezer to cool a little more.. If you can feel air being blown into the fridge section then that means at least bot the thermostat and the fan are working

Customer: Hi George, the evaporator coils in the freezer are actually very warm with a little water present at the base of the freezer. Is the freezer in some kind of frost removal mode?
George-Allsorts :

The freezer does have a defrost mode that comes on evey so often

Customer: Compressor has just fired up!
George-Allsorts :

If you consider yourself capable to understand it and not to jump the gun and try doing things before otehr things have finished their tests I will send you the Service Manual for the appliance so that you can get a better understanding of the way it works

Customer: Evaporator coils now not so warm. Perhaps the defrost mode has finished!
Customer: thanks, ***** ***** could that would be good, like you say letting it get back to some kind of normal operation is required. Trouble is I had no indication of what it was doing other than the warm air coming through. Does the cool air from the freezer come into the fridge compartment through the left and right grills at the bottom and not via the central aperture at the top?
George-Allsorts :

I'll put a link here so you can download the manual from my system.. when I put the link here I will leave it for just a few minutes and then remove the file again so that it does not go public

Customer: Ok
George-Allsorts :

Here it is

George-Allsorts :


George-Allsorts :

Do you have it?

George-Allsorts :

I have removed access to it again

Customer: Yes I do George, thanks. Are you able to give me some idea of the most likely causes of the problem assuming the freezer is ok?
George-Allsorts :

Well, it seems the fan is working, and the defrost system is ok.. We need to look at the entry system to the fridge and also check the temperature of the compressor

Customer: Hi George. Is there anything more we can do the fridge and freezer are empty with the freezer indicating -15 and the fridge at +4, so if the freezer is working towards its working temperature then things seem ok at the moment
George-Allsorts :

+4 is a good fridge working temperature, but the freezer should move a little cooler yet... However, we can consider it working

Customer: Ok thanks for your help
George-Allsorts :

you are welcome