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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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, I have an Ideal 24 Combi Boiler, which is 6 years old.

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Hi, I have an Ideal 24 Combi Boiler, which is 6 years old. I used to be able to top up the water pressure myself, however, since the boiler was serviced in March, I cannot move the valves to increase the pressure. The pressure is dangerously low to causing the boiler to cut out so I need to increase the pressure, however, the valves don't move. Any idea? Can a Technician 'fix' these valves to make sure they get more money out of me because I have to call them out for something simple I can do myself?
***** ***** : Will the valves simply not move?
***** ***** : Do they have black levers?

Yes to both

***** ***** : Yoiu
***** ***** : You may be able to unscrew the levers to expose the valves?
***** ***** : Then use a tool to open the valves?

There's a small silver screw in the centre of the "head" of the lever... that one?

***** ***** : Yes, remove that and the black lever will pull off

Hi, did that, then tried to move the inside part sideways with small pliers.... that didn't work either. Nothing looks old, rusty or corroded so I simply don't understand why they're sticking.

***** ***** : Would they simply not move?
***** ***** : I cannot hink of what he could do to stop them turning?
***** ***** : I would use a small adjustable spanner, if that does not work then I would replace the filling loop entirely

No, not even a nano tiny bit. I will call the guy who serviced the boiler tomorrow and will ask him to spare me the call out fee.. he works for the company that fitted it and showed me how to top up the pressure when needed, including giving me a diagram.This guys was new though, he'd never done the annual service for me before. Is there any way these things can be fixed to a stuck position?

***** ***** : Not that I know of

OK. Thanks all the same... just out of interest - is replacing the filling loop likely to cost me a bomb?

***** ***** : You can get one like this if you can turn your water off - for less than £10
***** ***** :

Thanks, ***** ***** appreciated.

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