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Category: Appliance
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Experience:  20+ yrs. experience in white goods repair. NVQ Level 2 electronics manufacturers training courses.
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I have a Bosch WVT1260 on my Oyster Yacht. The yacht has been

Customer Question

I have a Bosch WVT1260 on my Oyster Yacht. The yacht has been laid up in Antigua months through the summer so the washing machine has not been used.
We tried to use it today and the drum appears seized. With a lot of effort we can just manage to move the drum but a major scraping sound is made.
Any ideas before we scrap it??
Motor seems OK
Could it be limescale?
Could the drums rusted together?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 3 years ago.

Ok what you need to do is remove the back panel of the washer and from there remove the belt of the back.
Then see if you can turn the drum by hand. If it goes free then then you will find the motor is the fault and will need to be replaced.
But if its still the same then the fault will be with the drum bearings. Now they don't rust as its stainless steel but the bearings can sieze up. So try and force the drum round and see if it frees itself. If it doesn't then the bearings will need t be replaced which to be honest isn't worth fixing as its quite a bit job and time consuming as well.
So check the above and see what you find when you remove the belt.
If you need anymore info just get back to me.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
We have removed the back and the motor spins but the drum does not. Even trying to force it round by hand does not do any good it will not do a complete 360 degree turn.
It seems the external drum is stuck to the internal drum.
The machine has been subject to extreme heat in the Antiguian summer maybe 40c inside the boat!!!
Expert:  Daniel replied 3 years ago.

Ok I think its gong to be the bearing has jammed as the metal drum in there has a shaft at the back which goes through the bearings in the outer drum so if they sieze up it will stop the inner metal drum from turning just like it has here.
So if you did want this fixing then you need to strip the drum down and replace the bearings which to be honest isn't usually worth doing on these.