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vaillant 831 r1 will not start up it has a analogue time clock status

Customer Question

vaillant 831 r1 will not start up
it has a analogue time clock
status code =0 no demand.
display temp = 0
will not start on dhw or heating.
customer advises that very noisy in middle of night so he turned off
pressure was in the red so he bleed a rad.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : Pressure was too high or too low
***** ***** : too high could be a problem with the pump and the boiler is boiling the water
***** ***** : this could also be why there is no demand if the pump is not running
***** ***** : are you able to check this
JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

pressure was up in the red then customer turned boiler off.

JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

pressures was up in the red, then customer turned boiler off.

JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

They advised boiler was noisy, like a rumbling there is a small area of soot on the back of the pcb cover on the outside next to the pump, there is about 25mm clearance. maybe the pump got to hot? I'm guessing from your answer before the pump has worn out, got to hot and sized. hence the black soot and no demand . from other googles today the pump has a silver sicker on it so it is the original not the new type black one.

***** ***** : Are you able to take the centre screw out and check if the pump is actually running?
JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

i didn't have time yesterday as had kids with me,only popped into see customer as i was passing. was going to collect a new pump and pop back to them tomorrow afternoon.

JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

once centre screw taken off i take it if sized then water will come out.

JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

pump was not running, boiler was totally dead apart from display which read 0 temp and status s.o

***** ***** : you will have to put a tub under, but not alot should come out
***** ***** : you will be able to see if the insides are spinning or not
***** ***** : S0 means there is no demand?
JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

does the water differ if running ok or sized?

JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

s= status 0 = no demand

***** ***** : SO means the pump will not run as the boile is not being told to run
***** ***** : what happens when you run the hot tap - what does the display change to?
JACUSTOMER-wvivq9av- :

no change with dhw its the same as heating, just no demand nothing happens i ran hot tap mins but nothing changes on display sill s.0 no demand

Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.
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