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My NEFF C766 built-in coffee machine has coffee (or water when

Customer Question

My NEFF C766 built-in coffee machine has coffee (or water when rinsing) coming out from around the two espresso nozzles, like a slow leak, rather than through the ends of the nozzles. It was working perfectly yesterday, and has always been cleaned and had filters changed right when notices to do so have popped up on screen. It's like the nozzles are blocked. It has never had the "calcified" notice pop up on screen either.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
Hi I am sorry to hear this. How often do you typically descale the coffee maker?
Also is the water or coffee coming out from where the tubes attach to the unit?
One last question, how old is the coffee maker?
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi there,

I have never de-scaled it. In the 4 years I have owned it, the "calcified" notice has never come up on screen. As it prompts us to change the water filter, and to run the cleaning cycle, I assumed it would also prompt us to run the descaling process.

Not sure what you mean by tubes? It is not plugged in to mains water. No tubes. Has a small rectangular tank to fill on the back. Water is coming out of where the two small spouts that usually spit out the coffee join the machine. Instead of coming out of the end of the spouts, that is.

Unit is 4 years old.

Hope that helps!


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi there,

I haven't heard anything back since my response to your initial response.

I double checked the manual for the machine, and the section on descaling the appliance does advise descaling, "when the "calcified" notification shows on the display". Despite this not showing, I ran the descaling process, and found no change in the problem. Even during the de-scaling process, water could come out of the hot water/frothing/steamer nozzle, but not out of the espresso nozzles. All water that should have come through the espresso nozzles ended up in the drip trays.

Once the process was finished, I attempted an espresso again, and the same thing is happening - espresso comes out from round the nozzles, rather than out the end of them. A needle in the end of the nozzles runs into no blockage though...

Examining the unit, it would seem there is no way for me to open it up, without proprietary screwdrivers... is there anything else i can do short of calling a Neff service person?

Regards ***** *****


Expert:  Michael replied 3 years ago.
Hi Mike, you will need to order the security bits to open the unit. When this problem happens it is because of calcium or lime build up that has damaged the seals. The seal kit is inexpensive and I can help you with where to get the seals and how to get the security bits as well.
Please let me know if that works for you?
Neff repair service is very expensive so it would be best to fix this issue yourself with my help.
Thanks for your patience, sorry for the delay but we had an internet outage due to lots of upgrades in web service in my area.
Tech Michael