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I need to replace a hot water tap in the bathroom, but there

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I need to replace a hot water tap in the bathroom, but there is no isolation valve on that supply.
How do I switch off the hot water supply at the boiler? It's an Ecotec Plus 937.
Many thanks,
Plumberpro :

. I take it you have a Combi boiler?

Plumberpro :

If you turn the mainbs stopcock off this will turn off all hit and cold outlets . if you want just hot , then turn of the incoming cold into the boiler by its isolating valve just unbderneath


, thanks answer, but it doesn't help me much if you are not familiar with this type of boiler. Presumably I have to turn off the cold inlet valve fitted underneath of the boiler? This is marked 2 in the operating manual diagram. If I then turn on the hot tap, water will come out until the level gets to that tap, which isn't low enough because its feed pipe has to be cut lower down to insert a stopcock.... So I must use a lower hot tap to drain it...? OK, I can do that, and after I have fitted the stop valve I have to fill and purge the system, as shown in the manual?

Plumberpro :

Yes I could have helped you with that , just needed a little conversation before you pulled the trigger and gave a poor service, which is a little harsh when someone is clearly trying to help you


I'm sorry about that, I haven't used the site before and did not intend to cause a problem. However, the answer wasn't any use to me. I need someone who knows about my system. I will retract the poor service rating, if that is possible.

Plumberpro :

. ok shall we start again . if you are 100percent happy then give a better rating , thanks . what system do you have?

Plumberpro :

The valiant 937 is a Combi . I understand it has internal hot water storage .

Our chat has ended, but you can still continue to ask me questions here until you are satisfied with your answer. Come back to this page to view our conversation and any other new information.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

As far as I can see, I probably have to drain down the system using a downstairs hot tap until the level is below the bathroom.

Then I can insert a stopcock on the supply to the bath hot tap, so I can remove the tap.

I then need to know how to refill the system without getting air in it. Does it bleed itself via a venting valve or something? This is not clear in the manual 937.

That's right . the mains water comes into your boiler gets heated then goes to your hot taps. To turn the hot water off you can isolate the incoming mains at the boiler or just turn off the mains stopcock ( usually under the sink or outside) . once turned off , open the hot taps . your boiler has a small pressurised tank inside which means it may take a while hot water to stop coming out of the taps. Once it is drained ( downstairs hot tap is best ,then your pipes will not have water in and you can cut into them safely .

, how disd you get on ?
you can get me on #07814991874 Toby
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