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My Baan 134 Fridge freezer is in my garage, It has functioned

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My Baan 134 Fridge freezer is in my garage, It has functioned well for several years although cold in winter. I defrosted it today using bowls of hot water as recommended. the fridge light is on, but despite cold setting, the cooling unit hasn't restarted. Air temperature is about 9 degrees. Could this be the reason? If I warm up the air, could this make a difference? Thanks
Ok as this is just a static appliance ie no control board boards then these usually work in outside sheds. Its usually the appliances with control boards and sensors that don't work in cold places so I don't think it will be down to that.
Is the compressor at the back at the bottom running?
Is it hot to touch?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No it's not; not hot at all

Ok if the compressor isn't running at all then its possibley the thermostat at fault here.
What you need to do is remove the panel at the top of the fridge and in there you will see the thermostat.
On there you will see 2 or 3 tags on there. You need to test this with a thermostat. You need to test between tags 4 and 6 and check for cononuity there. If there isn't then the thermostat will be the fault and will need to be replaced.
To access the thermostat look at the panel at the top and either side is an oval cap. Prise this out and there will be a screw there.
Remove this screw and then you can remove the trim and access the thermostat from there.
Check that out and see what you find but I think you will find the thermostat is the fault here.
Let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, had to change batteries in the continuity tester.

This is between the two tags that are connected (not the earth or the spare tag): continuity is fine

Yes that's correct its between the 2 tags.
Try and bypass the thermostat. Just join the 2 wires together and see if the compressor kicks in.
If it doesn't then the compressor is the fault here and will need to be replaced.
But this isn't a diy fix so a fridge engineer will need to do it but this isn't going to be a cheap fix. As a compressor replacement is about £250. So not really worth the fix.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok; it's started. does this mean the thermostat is faulty?

Yes the thermostat is the fault if it kicked in when you bypassed the thermostat.
Replace this and that should get the appliance up and running again from there.
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