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Michael, Customer Service
Category: Appliance
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Just bought from an auction a beko dp8045cw Heat pump tumble

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Just bought from an auction a beko dp8045cw Heat pump tumble dryer.although it looked brand it had been used at least once.when plugged in everything worked with exception. That it did not heat up.checked the compressor which appears to work but it did get very hot but no heat going into the drum.any ideas?is it cost effective to repair.
Michael :

hello are you there?

JACUSTOMER-2raq17ea- : Yes
JACUSTOMER-2raq17ea- : Yes I am here
Michael :

SO the unit seems to heat but no air is getting to the drum?

JACUSTOMER-2raq17ea- : That seems to be the case.the compressor seems to get hot after running for a while but the drum remains cold and some sample wet cloths remain wet. Is there a heating element in the dryer .I am not familiar with the technology
Michael :

hi yes there is an element you will need to check to see if the element is getting hot, if not it could be a thermostat or the element itself in most cases. That would be worth the repair

Michael :

There also is a fan that pumps the air into the drum, a lot of the time that will fail and that is whet this problem seems to be.

Michael :

check to see if you have any air blowing out the vent

JACUSTOMER-2raq17ea- : We tried looking for an elem
Michael :

it sounds as if the unit is getting hot but simply not circulating the air

JACUSTOMER-2raq17ea- : There to be recovery air blowing from the front when the sealed filter is removed but it is col air.we checked the current draw but it was less than 2amp think the max consumption is 900 watti ie about 5 amp
Michael :

Thanks this will require a lot of testing to determine why the unit isn't heating fully. It is likely to be a failing component in the heating circuit or as I find with these many times a loose or corroded connection in there. Loose connections or a bad wire will cause a low current draw and not allow the unit to create the proper heat

Michael :

It also could be a relay on the main cotrol board with a bad contact

JACUSTOMER-2raq17ea- : Whilst it was bought at auction it is effectively new and internally everything is new therefore unlikely to be corrosion..can't seem to be able to get to see a heating element
Michael :

its not a standard element so you are probably not looking for the right ting, it has to do with the compressor

JACUSTOMER-2raq17ea- : Ybased on what you are saying I need to do more looking at the machine.unfortunately I have a doctors appointment soon .can I get back to you later after further investigations. Terry
Michael :

Hi Terry sure you can, if you will rate my service as OK or better I will switch us to Q & A so you can contact me that way anytime until this is fixed;-)

Michael :

Please rate kindly at this time

Michael :

I will send you a note that you can respond to anytime you need me;-)

Michael and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Hi Terry I will be here most of the day tomorrow, If you write me and I'm not here, I will see your message when i return and reply promptly thanks for the rating;-)