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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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there. We have a Drayton Dual Channel programmer which hasn't

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there. We have a Drayton Dual Channel programmer which hasn't been operating properly while (just the heating). reason it comes on in the morning, but not of the evening programmes we have set. The clock and date is right, the thermostat is set to the same level so not sure why it works first set and not the others!
thank you
***** ***** : Does the light come on?
***** ***** : We need to find out if it is the clock or the motorised valve it is controlling?

Yes light comes on, but heating doesn't. Thanks

***** ***** : Ok, do you have a 3 port valve in the airing cupboard
***** ***** : Near the pump?

there's a single lever on the pipe to the pump


or a knob next to the gauge

***** ***** : After the pump there will a valve that decides whether the water goes through the heating or hot water
***** ***** : Like this;
***** ***** :

got it

***** ***** : When on heating only the lever should be slack
***** ***** : if I your heating is not working then check this valve
***** ***** : if it is tight then the valve needs a new head
***** ***** : they can work intermittently before failing completely

the lever being the black switch?

***** ***** : Yes if it is a white box

it seems loose. just seems odd that it works in the morning and not in the evening

***** ***** : Just watch it and see if the clock says yes and the room stat says yes then the valve should be open
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