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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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Experience:  Gas cooker specialist
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ecomax combi boiler,hot water good ,ch comes on reaches 85

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ecomax combi boiler,hot water good ,ch comes on reaches 85 very quick then goes off,have checked heat exchanger and pipes not blocked ,could it be diverter valve?
***** ***** : When on heating only do the heating pipes get hot at all?
***** ***** : can you feel them?

only the flow and very hot inside boiler area ,reaches 85 degrees very quick then goes off


hot water ok

***** ***** : It sounds like a pump problem
***** ***** : definitely a circulation problem
***** ***** : are you able to take the cover off to expose the pump?

no pump is working ok can here it and when i drained dwn checked to make sure not stuck


could the diverter valve cause this problem

***** ***** : you can take the centre screw out and see how fast it is spinning
***** ***** : it could if not opening fully
***** ***** : it could be running around the plate heat exchanger instead of the heating

ok i will try this so u dont think its the diverter valve

***** ***** : If you can prove the pump is pumping fully then we can move on

ok i go have a look and get back to you in 5 is that ok

***** ***** : no problem

pump is spinning round fine i took off cap from front of pump seems to be spinning fast

***** ***** : ok try turning off all the rads except the closest and see if the water will circulate that far?

heat exchanger hot all pipes in boiler hot flow os boiler hot but then cuts out


ok i will be 10 mins ok


no good still the same im afraid

***** ***** : how far does the heat get from the boiler?

just to the flow about 6 inches from boiler


pump still spinning

***** ***** : If the pump was ok then it would get around the full circuit but the temperature would be low
***** ***** : the divertor is fine as all the heat is being diverted into the heating

it comes on and goes up to about 85 within 10 seconds then flame cuts out

***** ***** : yes, no circulation

so you think pump is the problem not stong enough ie not spinning fast enough


strong enough

***** ***** : yes, perhaps there is a prblem with the impellar
***** ***** : spinning but no water movement

right ok thank you andrew you was very helpful god bless

***** ***** : no problem
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