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, Our dishwasher is making constant draining noises also

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, Our dishwasher is making constant draining noises also when the door is open and the 'tap' sign is lit. I noticed the sign when there was about 50 min left and the machine is dry and clean inside.
type S9151B, 7 years old and it is integrated
Good morning, Your issue is the machine is stuck in flood mode. Bosch Dishwashers have what's called a base pan under the dishwasher. In the base pan is a float, the float is stuck in the up position because there's water in the base pan. What needs to be done is the machine need to be removed from under the counter and tipped to the left to allow the water to drain from the base pan. Unfortunately these machines are enclosed all the way around and there's no place to get a wet vac in to clear the water. open the door and take the screws out holding the D/W to the counter top and slide it out. tip the machine to the left and let the water drain out. (shut the power off at the breaker first) get some towels ready to sop up the water. Once the water is out slide the machine back in turn the breaker on and then hit cancel/drain. wait to complete and end and your all set. I hope this helps.
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