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Bosch fridge doesn't appear to be cooling. Cleaned fridge (not

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Bosch fridge doesn't appear to be cooling. Cleaned fridge (not freezer) on Saturday and its been problematic since. Dial was on 1, tried 2 but still no joy.
Any suggestions?
Can you post the model number please. Its usually on a sticker on the inside of the door and starts E-nr
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Daniel

I have looked on the sticker, here is the info:



Also says

FD9309 101584

and lower down EN153 and then Type: KIKGN34V



Ok on this model the fridge gets its cooling from the freezer section. Theres a fan in the freezer which blows the cold air up into the fridge section through vents at the back.
What you need to do on this is a full defrost of it. Empty the freezer and turn it off for 24 hours and leave the freezer door open. Then retry it and that should get the fridge cooling again.
Or another way which isn't easy is empty the freezer and remove the cover at the top of the freezer were the evaporator is. Then use a hair dryer and melt the ice in there and then see how it goes. Now the full defrost is the easy way as it saves damage to the pipe work in there.
As what happens is too much ice builds up on the evaporator and this blocks the air flow to the fridge so the fridge section starts to warm up so a defrost clears this and gets it going again.
As the controls are set for the fridge and the compressor is working as the freezer is working. So the fault will be on the freezer section so a defrost will cure this.
Let me know how it goes from there.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Daniel for your prompt advice, I will try your suggestions and see how it goes.

If I am to contact you in future, should it be through the JustAsk site or is there a separate e-mail address/phone number you'd prefer?

(This is my first time using JustAsk)



No worries that should cure it.
If you need more info on this you need to come through Just answer on this site im afraid. You will have an email with a link on there which will bring you back here to this thread.
Daniel and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Daniel

You will recall we were in touch a couple of days ago about the above problem.

I tried your suggestion to defrost, clean and re-start. It worked for the rest of the the day and evening but the next morning it unfortunately reverted to the problematic state.

I can now see, as you explained, that inside the top section of the freezer there is obviously ice in the evaporator area (much more than there was when I first noticed the problem, interestingly!).

What do you suggest as a "next step"? Is there anything else I can do or will I have to call someone?

Appreciate your guidance and advice.



If it icing up to much then its possibley a faulty defrost heater. If you have a multi meter you need to remove the evaporator housing inside the freezer and there you will see the evapotator. Wrapped around there is the heater. You need to test this and see if faulty. If it is then you need to replace the heater and that should cure the fault from there.