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George-Allsorts, Senior Appliance Technicial Manager
Category: Appliance
Satisfied Customers: 1448
Experience:  A whitegoods technician with 30+ years service in Domestic Appliance Service & Repair, and General Mechanical & Electrical Repair
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Belling oven Model444445031 does not switch down heat. My electrician

Customer Question

Belling oven Model444445031 does not switch down heat. My electric***** *****ged the thermostat, but the same fault remained. He did ask me to contact you what else could
present that problem. Thank you.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  George-Allsorts replied 3 years ago.
George-Allsorts :

Hello, my name is***** be patient whilst awaiting any responses as I'm not constantly available.

Please can you tell me what you mean by it does not switch down heat?

JACUSTOMER-1eh32d3i- :

The Oven stay's on high only.

George-Allsorts :

Then either the wiring is wrong or the thermostat that has been fitted is also defective... Please be assured, new thermostats being defective is not unusual... You can test it with a multimeter and a flame

JACUSTOMER-1eh32d3i- :

Thank you,I'll ask my electrician tomorrow to test the new thermostat,if there is no other part involved to regulate to the set position. He is only available after work in the evening, and I will be in contact after his test to find a fault in the thermostat itself. Thank you.

George-Allsorts :

The thermostat is powered and operated by heat which in turn switches the supplied power to the thermostat output... That is how your element is powered...

If the thermostat is faulty, ie closed circuit, then the power to the output will be permanent.

Alternatively the wiring being incorrect is the only other cause

George-Allsorts :

Can I ask you to now take time to assist me by clicking on the smiley faces that you can now see... This will help me as it rates my assistance with your problems

George-Allsorts :

Tell the electrician to also have a look for a short circuit to the supply side of the element... Rare, but it can happen

Expert:  George-Allsorts replied 3 years ago.

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