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Andrew Smith
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We have a vaillant ecotec plus "g10" - it will have

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We have a vaillant ecotec plus "g10" - it will have been installed in 2012 or 2013 (we bought the house in 2014). It has been working fine but we have come home to no heating or hot water. We have tried repressurising and turning on and off but it hasn't changed anything. The display is showing 0 degrees C in the top right hand corner and a C in the bottom right hand corner. There are no other fault codes showing. We don't have the manual and can't find it online. Can you help at all? Thank you!
***** ***** : See if this is the correct one?
***** ***** :
Customer: Sorry - this is the one that we have been looking at but our display is different
Customer: Do you know what the symbols (or lack of) might mean?
***** ***** :
***** ***** : See if you have this model?
Customer: Yes this is it!
***** ***** : Great.
***** ***** : just run through the commissioning or fault finding charts
***** ***** : Download it ans
***** ***** : and save it to your PC reference
Customer: Great doing that now
Customer: Thanks - we have got status code 0 and running through the diagnostic we get number 19 but not sure what that means?
***** ***** : Is that S19?
Customer: We start off with s. 0 (no heat demand) and then run the diagnostic tools on d. 0 but got the number 19 thank you
***** ***** : Page 44
***** ***** : All about the fan speed
Customer: Does that mean I need to call a specialist ?
Customer: Sorry - I mean call in a soecialist
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