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We have a Siemens room thermostat linked to a gas boiler. From

Customer Question

We have a Siemens room thermostat linked to a gas boiler. From photos on Internet I think it looks like a Rev 12 model although it does not say that on front. We have heat set to come on twice a day. 5.30 until 7.30 and 17.30 until 20.30. Problem is it is not turning off at 20.30. We are fairly sure all other settings are correct.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.

Hi , what temperature do you have set at 20.30?

JACUSTOMER-16ro2433- : Ok. Heating is set at 18c to come on 05.30 and off 07.30. It did not go off at 07.30 this morning. In fact I think it was on all night.
JACUSTOMER-16ro2433- : it is also set at 18c between 17.30 to go off 20.30. Did not go off at 20.30 and was on all night. Even though the little bars at bottom of screen show correct times for the twice a day setting. Some days it works but not recently.

Ok , youbknoiw there is no on and offs , only temperature changes?

JACUSTOMER-16ro2433- : Not sure what you mean. The manual says it can be set for twice a day which we have done. The times are for on and off it states. In anycase sometimes the room temperature shows at 30c even though it is set for 18. What are you suggesting we do ?

Hi , do you have a sun and moon symbol on the stat?


I know I am probably asking things that you may know or have tried , but for me to help I need to run through these things,


Can you verify what temperatures you have for both, please

JACUSTOMER-16ro2433- : Not in flat at moment but fairly sure the sun setting is 18c and the moon 12 c

Ok , well do you want to double check later and we can continue then ?

JACUSTOMER-16ro2433- : Hi . Ok. The sun symbol temp is 16.8 and the moon 12.

Ok , well then the temperature shoulnt be going up to 30. These p4og room stats Congo faulty eventually . I can only recommend replacement , as unless you are an electronics engineer there are no repairable parts.

JACUSTOMER-16ro2433- : Ok thanks

Your welcome