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Converted rangemaster Toledo to lpg but there is a smell of

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Converted rangemaster Toledo to lpg but there is a smell of gas when ovens are lit.
***** ***** : Inside or outside the oven?
***** ***** : When you coverted the oven did you change the nozzle at the burner?
Customer: Smell outside oven
Customer: no nozzles in conversion kit for oven
Customer: No nozzle in conversion kit for oven
***** ***** : Can you tell me where the coversion kit came from?
***** ***** : What do the flames in the oven look like?
***** ***** : Are they massive?
Customer: It came direct from rangemaster with new cooker
Customer: The flames are huge
***** ***** : That is why you think you can smell gas, you need to change the burner in the oven too
***** ***** : The orifice is far too big and is letting too much gas through as LPG is twice the pressure do twice the gas
***** ***** : *so
***** ***** : There should be one for each ring and one/two for the ovendepending on whether double or single oven
Customer: The conversion instructions do not show anything about the ovens
Customer: we have three nozzles left but the numbers on them are for the burners
***** ***** : Do you have the GC number for the appliance?
***** ***** : Inside the bottom door on the sticker
***** ***** :
Customer: 7386 182006
***** ***** : The GC number wil be in the form of XX-XXX-XX
Customer: Can only see a serial number inside oven door could it be somewhere else.
Customer: Rangemaster Toledo 110 FSD natural gas FSI stainless is the model
***** ***** :
***** ***** : This one?
***** ***** : Read Page 30, the first 3 lines.....
***** ***** : IT CANNOT BE CONVERTED.....
Customer: Looks like we have been sold the wrong model .
***** ***** : Yes, afraid so.
***** ***** : At least you have found out now
***** ***** : The reason it cannot be converted will be there is no access to the oven burner to swap an orifice, it will be built into the burner
***** ***** : Please do not use the oven, it will be over-gassed and may soot up, it will be producing dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide too.
Customer: This will be a very interesting one for the supplier to sort out
Customer: Thanks for your help
***** ***** : No problem - it is all in the manual, so they should know
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