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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Home Appliance Technician
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we have a vaillant ecotec boiler every month or so we have

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Hi we have a vaillant ecotec boiler every month or so we have a f22 code which we sort out,however this time bar code when heating and water off is within range 1.5 we have no fault codes however only water is on no sign of Central heating just wondered if there is something we can do ourselves or whether engineer call out is only option thanks nick
***** ***** : What is controlling the heatig
***** ***** : A room stat?
***** ***** : A controller?
***** ***** : Is it wireless?
Customer: A controller in hallway of bungalow believe it is wireless ?
Customer: Do you need more info ?
***** ***** : When you turn the heating on, does the pump start?
***** ***** : Can you take the the transmitter off the walll and sit it under the boiler and see if the boiler fires again for heating?
Customer: Heating pump does not start when heating is switched on only when hot water is turned on never had this problem before ? Can't take off wall but have other person in house who I can ask to activate ?
***** ***** : It appears that there is a communication problem
***** ***** : We need to put the transmitter under the boiler so I know that the euipment works
Customer: Maybe gave impression that it is movable however it is just a control operator that we choose to have heating and water when we choose which is attached very well to wall unfortunately ?
***** ***** : If it is wireless it will come off the wall
***** ***** : Do you have a make and model of the stat to confirm?
Customer: Sorry obviously I got that wrong it is not wireless digistat rf1 Drayton wireless system do I undo screw underneath has never been moved ?
***** ***** : The RF1 is a wireless transmitter
***** ***** : Try undoing the 2 screws underneath and lift the unit off the backplate
Customer: Have removed am now putting under boiler seems that by taking off pressed sensor underneath May have started the pump ?
***** ***** : Ok, lets make sure it works and then put it back on the wall again
Customer: Ok will try May take 10 minutes to confirm heating now back on very happy with result thanks for your patience please take the £20 with pleasure will indicate this online thanks
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