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KevinWhiteJA, Home Appliance Technician
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My Bosch Classixx tumble dryer has developed a fault. Once

Customer Question

My Bosch Classixx tumble dryer has developed a fault. Once it is switched on it tumbles until it stops to reverse. It then tumbles approx twice and goes off. The container light comes on. The container is not full
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  KevinWhiteJA replied 3 years ago.

Hi, welcome to Just answer


Please tell me its complete model number and age of this dryer

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : WTE84107GB/01
JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : dont remember how old it is.

Thanks for that ... have you also tried to clean the pump ?


the problem can be due to a faulty or blocked pump

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : How do I clean the pump?

With the dryer unplugged, remove the top and left side panels ... then take off the hoses connected to the pump... blow through them and then take out the pump...also clean everything from there and then take out the condenser and clean the condenser ... after this is done reassemble the washer and try to check if problem is still there ... please let me know how it goes

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : Feels like it might be an issue with the sensor that detects if the container is full? Could this be the issue? Don't fancy taking the pump out etc if it's a sensor issue. Is there any way to check that first?

I think it is either blocked or bad pump ... the container light comes on so I dont think it is a bad sensor

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : Ok, I'll check the pump. Btw I did notice that there is a some amount of water in the condenser bay when I took the condenser out to check it again today.

hopefully cleaning that will solve the problem

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : I can't clean it out until later / tomorrow as making dinner.

no problem... please get back to me when you have cleaned it


sorry I mean after you have cleaned it

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : Ok.
JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : Thanks

You're can get back to me if you need any assistance and I will help with no additional charges....Excellent feedback is appreciated if you are satisfied with my assistance

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : Having trouble getting the left hand panel off. I assume you mean left hand panel as you look at the front of the machine.

yes you will need torx drivers for this

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : That's not the problem. We have taken out all the screws we can find and it is still attached to the front of the machine. It appears to be attached by lugs along the front edge.

oh ok then it seems the front has to be removed as well

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : Don't know if we can get the front off. I'm now going to eat dinner.

ok let me know how it goes...Thanks

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : Isn't that getting rather complicated just to clear the pump? I' may well have a similar problem taking off the front as I suspect it's connected to the right hand side in the same way.
JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : Also why was my payment taken so quickly before I had even had time to check if your advise worked?

Hi, sorry for not responding earlier... I was away for few days...I hope cleaning worked for you ... as far as payment is concerned you have to check with the support ... please let me know how it went ... Thanks

JACUSTOMER-gjq4zjdf- : I didn't clean the pump as it would have meant dismantling all the sides of the machine. However having fixed the left side back on again the fault seems to have cleared ( at least for the moment) - so it looks like it wasn't the pump. It would be nice to know what the fault was / is as I'm not convinced it won't come back.

You will have to clean the pump if it returns again...dismantling might have helped however, it might return again if you have not cleaned it


If you have further questions I will be pleased to assist you – please use the REPLY link for further assistance..Please remember to RATE my answer Excellent or Good Service when you are satisfied....Thanks