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My DMR-EX773 started showing U80 fault code after 15 months.I

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My DMR-EX773 started showing U80 fault code after 15 months.I noticed that the main control chip runs too hot to touch,so I attached an ex-computer CPU heatsink,this reduced the frequency of the fault,but it is now occurring ever more frequently.The other Panasonic recorders I have (EX75 & EZ25) also run quite hot.Has Panasonic decided to run the chips hotter at the expense of reliability? Is it time to junk the 773 and,if so will the successor to the 773 prove less troublesome?
Many thanks for your advice.
Howard Thompson.
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Hi Howard,
I agree with you on the heat. Its really too much heat and causes the part to wear prematurely;-(
Panasonic used to be very good but I have been a technician for over 35 years now and have seen way too many Panasonic repairs come my way loll.
The new IC will likely be better because it is supposed to run a bit cooler, so I would say yes it will be better and last longer.
A U80 error is a general error reported by the microprocessor which signifies:
'A Microprocessor Communication Error has occurred on the Timer Bus'
All that is saying is that the micro cannot function because of it. As such, it is just a general error indication which does not tell you what the problem is - just that there is one... and it could be due to any number of reasons.
Any part of the circuitry may be failing to function properly and be the cause of such a communication error.
In past older models, certain errors have shown up (namely U81), and from wide user experience this has been shown to be due to one or two failed capacitors, and if left untreated, ultimately a small regulator IC.
As yet there is no long term user experience of these **3 models showing signs of problems as they age. This may be an example of a common user problem yet to emerge and may be due to a similar relatively trivial problem of ageing electrolytic capacitors... but at the moment I don't know.
If you wanted to pursue the route of investigation, you could take the top of the machine and do a careful visual check of the medium and large capacitors on the boards for any signs of bulging of the top cap or leakage.
I will stick with you until you no longer need me, please don’t forget to rate my service to you before you close this page. I will be available to you at no additional cost , you can then get in touch with me anytime by simply replying to this message.
Thank you and have a great evening Howard!
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Many thanks,Michael.

Your observation re.Electrolytics is interesting.The reason I bought the 773 was because the tuner on the 75 failed.When the tuner on the 25 went down,I looked up on the net,it came up with the failure of 2 electrolytics.Following the video on Youtube,I located the offending components lurking under a secondary PCB,sure enough,the tops were convex,replacing them brought the tuners back to life.I find it very disappointing that Panasonic are cheese paring at the expense of reliability:to add insult to injury,they actually MAKE the wretched things! Back to my 773.I'll have a close look for any bloated caps.,if there is nothing obvious,I think a trip to to the dump is called for!

Once again,many thanks for the pointers,not to mention the speedy reply!

All the best,