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I have an Indesit IWDE7125S washer/drying. When I start a cycle,

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I have an Indesit IWDE7125S washer/drying. When I start a cycle, it makes a clicking sound and will not start. The door locking light flashes.
Is there a way to get an error code to show, or someway to have the machine state the issue though beeping or something?


When you get the door ligh flashing is the door actually locked so you cannot open it?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, it doesn't lock.

I've lifted the lid off the top of the washing machine and the loud clunking noise is coming from the locking mechanism 100%.

If I give the mechanism a budge from inside with the washing machine off and then switch it back on, sometimes it will make the clunking noise once or twice but then the cycle will start. Then it trips the electric after a few minutes.

I would guess this means it's not the locking mechanism directly causing the issue or it wouldn't trip the electric once the cycle is started?

I thought of buying a new locking mechanism online to test but for the life of me can not get it detached from the machine and no online spares website show the model listed.

Ok to start off theres no way for you to get a stored error code up as im afraid this can only be done by an indesit engineer as they need to plug there laptop into the back of the washer and that way they can get the code up.
But a few things can cause this so first check these and see what you find. Lean the washer backwards against a wall and look under the washer and there you will see the back of the motor. Either side there you will see the carbon brushes. Remove them and see if they have worn. If so then you need to replace them as these can actually cause this fault. If they have worn then pull on the carbon on both of them and refit as sometimes this can make contact and allow it to start and it may do a cycle.
But if they are fine then remove the rear control board at the back an check for any signs of burning as the board can burn were the door lock wires go to.
Check them to and see what you find and let me know.
As to removing the door lock its either held on by 2 screws which you will see with the door open. But if theres no screws there it will be 2 small pips. Use a small screwdriver and push them in and pull the lock to the side and it will release from there. And if you want the part number for the door lock its C00245755.
But check the carbon brushes and the control board first and let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So I tried doing the cycle once more and this time, the cycle ran for much longer, tripped the electric but a strong smell of burning was emanating from the machine.

It's hard to pin-point the exact location of the burning smell. I've take a peek at the rear control board but can see no signs of burning.

I guess I will need to take out the possible options and give them a sniff up close to detect what the burning is coming from.

Try that and also check the motor. Remove the motor and check the armature were the carbon brushes sit and see if theres any signs of burning.
As to be honest a control board wont normally cause the electrics to keep tripping. It can cause it to trip the once when it blows but doesn't normally keep tripping it out. This may be down to the motor as when they burn out it can cause the smell and it can also cause the door lock to not lock and keep clicking like it was.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I tried this washing machine this morning before ringing an engineer to come out and this time all the lights flashed and error F06 appeared on the front panel.

Does this coincide or help you pinpoint the issue?

Will this error be for a part that I can buy and change myself for cheaper than an engineer to come out?

Ok the F06 error code is a door lock code.
So you can try and replace the door lock first and see how it goes from there. And yes you can replace this yourself cheaper then getting an engineer in as the door locks are about £20 roughly. I did post the part number above so use that and you can get the lock and replace it from there.