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I just receieved my new LG7066 condensing dryer today (Sunday).

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I just receieved my new LG7066 condensing dryer today (Sunday). It couldn't have come a moment too soon and we will be glad to have a drier again. I want to plump the condensed water directly into the mains waste. While not a professional plumber, I have managed all my own plumbing in two houses over 20 years without a problem (and am not referring to simply replacing tap washers but installing and maintaining all wet services and a professional plumber friend recently had a look at a range of my past efforts and couldn't fault anything). Anway, there appears to be no guidance whatsoever available on any considerations or issues. I am confident I can work it out, but would very much prefer to start with some basic information and any specs/directions etc that are available. The drier did come with the optional drain kit (hose and wall bracket to maintain inverted loop of hose. Any help much appreciated! Best regards, Tom
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Hi Tom, is your drier near your washer?
Tech Mike
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael, For some reason your follow up question (about the dryer being near the washer) didn't show up on this page until quite a lot later than your posting time) and I'd had to go out to the hardware shop.

Any, yes, the dryer is only couple of feet from the washer. BUT the washer waste drain does not have the expected vertical standing pipe to allow for air, burbling, etc. This is in a new utility room and the builders, who finished work on the 23rd of December and didn't have a plumber in the crew got a guy who'd "done a plumbing course" to re-plumb in the clothes washer in the same manner as you'd do a dishwasher - entering the utility sink drain just above the trap through a t-joint with a clamped hose - so there is no handy vertical waste pipe. I was a bit dismayed when I saw that but saw no urgent need to alter it. One option is to drain the dryer in the same way, but it's drain hose is a small diameter (1/4" or so) which is much smaller than the nozzles on most sink drain t joints. So if the condensing drier ought best to be drained in the same way as a clothes washer normally drains (upright pipe with hose secured appropriately fed down the vertical pipe) I can sort that sooner or later - but would be good to hear a professional view on it.

However, equally lacking in info about the connection to the hose at the back of the drier. There is no immediately obvious approach. No labels, symbols, nothing. However, there is slightly exposed rubber tube of the correct gauge withn elbow joint. A horizontal feed towards the bottom of the drier, with an elbow with a but attached heading up towards the reservoir that captures the extracted water. My guess is to attach the external drain hose in place of the one that rises - leaving the hose to the receptacle unattached. I can't see any issue with that, but would have been nice if LG had provided any info at all, even on its website no installation manuals for any product.

Like I say, I could make a fairly educated judgement about how to do this right , but always prefer to be absolutely sure when in any doubt rather than revisit when there is a problem.

So any views on this much appreciated.

Best regards,


Hi Tom, LOL!
I agree with you about LG.
They can be that way.
I would tire into the drain however you need to. In most cases I use a universal fitting for this to tie into the existing drain.
I would check the local hardware store for this, the sales associate can tell you what they have available for this as there are many out there on the market;-)
I will stick with you until the unit is fixed properly.
But please rate my service thus far to you before closing this page.
It won't cost you anything to further to rate and I will be with you at no additional cost until you have this repair complete;-)
Thank you Tom.
Tech Michael
Michael and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Michael, thanks so this so far. So if I understand you then it doesn't really matter that I connect with a t junction (whatever I can get to fit) or the vertical pipe. If so that is good.

Any ideas on the attachment to the back of the dryer? I'm pretty sure about where it probably ought to attach, it just seems odd to have a design where a disconnected rubber hose, even if redundant, is just meant to be left dangling inside the case. Perhaps though to be reconnected to the reservoir in a different future installation...


Hi Tom, because the dryer wont send nearly the amount of water as the dryer, its really ok to use a tee connector as well;-) As for the back of the dryers connection, you can do that as you see fit. As long it fits without kinking. Its ok if a some line is inside the dryers cabinet;-) Hope that helps, I'm here.Thank you Tom. Tech Michael