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Andrew Smith
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The Baxi boiler starts off alright but after about half an

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The Baxi boiler starts off alright but after about half an hour a soft hum starts and gradually gets louder. It ends with what sounds like an intermitent power drill. if we switch off the boiler and switch it back on again it stops the noise but it eventually starts again. This has not affected the boiler in any other way
***** ***** : It sounds like the pump bearings are rubbing when hot
***** ***** : Are you able to lubricate the fan spindle with some WD40 and see if it improves?
***** ***** : Not the pump - the fan.....

If you could explain where i can find the fan spindle I will have a go. I really no nothing about boilers as am an elderly lady but I am good a DIY

***** ***** : The fan is in the boiler at the top near the flue - it pushes the flue gases outside

This may take me some time. Can I get in further touch to let you know if it works

***** ***** : Yes, just come back to me

Thank you I will be in touch.

***** ***** : No problem

Sorry to have taken so long to get in touch again. We found your answer to our problem interesting as apart from the noise the boiler was working normally so decided to try the remedy you suggested.My husband was here to help and [prodeeded to try to remove the front casing. As the boiler is under the kitchen worktop and with our dodgy knees,not easy to get too. He took out all the screws that were relevant but could not move the casing so had to call it off. The problem we have is that we moved to this property and inherited the boiler 15 months ago, we had no information about the boiler so don't know how old it is. The previous owner lived ( and died) here for 19 years so the boiler could be that old and on it's last legs. It's a pity that boilers do not have a date of installation on the boiler itself. 10 months ago the gas valve was blocked and this cost £300 to repair. so you see we miht have to consider a new boiler. One last question I would like you to answer, could the noise be caused by a dodgy pump?

***** ***** : The differenec between the pump and fan is that the pump will run all the time and the fan only when the boiler is firing - does this help?
***** ***** : *difference

Sounds about right about the fan. It's a pity we couldn't find out. Thank you for your help, it's been much appreciated.

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