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after my pilot light on my baxi bermuda stayed on I bought

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after my pilot light on my baxi bermuda stayed on I bought a replacement themocouple and after removing the old one I found out it would not fit so I replaced the old one and now my fire will light but as soon as I let the switch come up after 15 seconds or longer my fire goes out
***** ***** : The problem is that it may have been on its last legs
***** ***** : You will have to replace it now
***** ***** : Make sure it is fully enveloped in the flame and the end that connects to the gas valve is very clean
***** ***** : This is the best you do until you can get a new one
***** ***** : The Honeywell Q309A thermocouple is the best for voltage output
***** ***** : A standard universal thermocouple should fit it you put it together correctly

this does not answer my question I know the thermocouple was broken because my pilot light stayed on but now although the pilot light ignites the fire when I push the switch down and turn it, the fire will not stay on I have tried longer times but as soon as I let the control switch up the fire turn off, incidentally the thread to the gas valve is different than that on a universal thermocouple that I purchased and is smaller than the adapter with the universal thermocouple that I bought

***** ***** : The universal thermocouple should come with 3 differenet sized nuts?
***** ***** : Are you looking for another place to buy one?
***** ***** : Do you have a multimeter to test the old one for voltage?

it came with two fixing nuts and a adapter with an internal and internal thread the problem is the thread on my baxi thermocouple is smaller and a different thread than the one on the universal one I am now going to buy one from baxi but my question is still why should my fire not stay alight and yes I do have a multimeter to check the voltage

***** ***** : Can you check the thermocouple to make sure it is at fault and not the gas valve?
***** ***** : If you make sure the thermocouple is in the flame and measure the other end with the multimeter set to mV, you may need 3 hands to do this
***** ***** : One probe on the end and the other on the copper sheath

yes I have just tried it and got a zero reading

***** ***** : ok broken then

yes but why will my fie not stay on

***** ***** : Was the thermocouple on the boiler or the fire?

on the fire

***** ***** : ok, when you push the knob to let the gas through, the thermocouple is connected to the back end of the valve
***** ***** : When lit it produces a voltage that then can hold the valve open so you can let go
***** ***** : Without the voltage then the valve will not stay open once released

so a new thermocouple should solve the problem?

***** ***** : Yes, most likely
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