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I have a neff hob, model T1383NO, we've moved house, brought

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I have a neff hob, model T1383NO, we've moved house, brought it with us & it's been wired in today by a qualified electrician, after he turned the electrics back on he kept fiddling & fiddling with it, turning it on/off, now it won't come on at all, I suspected he'd locked it, but it's not responding to the standard way to switch back on, by holding the button down for a few seconds, my husband wonders if he could have fused the actual hob, but we're not sure where in it the fuse is to check, can you advise? I've downloaded PDF of the manual & see there is another way of child proof locking it, he could possibly have managed to do this by the constant fiddling about, so guess I should try that first?

Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries ~ first thing is switch it off at the wall and then leave it for a couple of minutes ~ then switch it back on and tell me if you have anything showing ~ Ian

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, nothing at all!

OK can you give me the full ENr there should be an / followed by a number ~ Ian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

E-Nr. T1383NO /01 FD8705 00024.

Can you also confirm that you have power going into the mains electric connector block under the hob ~ Ian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes he wired that all in, we have looked underneath & all appears ok, tho my husband says it's not wired in the same way as it was at the old house, however one wire is in live, one in neutral, one in earth.

I understand but have you actually got any electric there you may have blown the main trip, what is different about the new wiring?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes socket is definately live. There are 6 'ports' for wires on one side of the wiring box, under the hob, another 2 ( I think) on the other side, he has the live in the first left hand port, the neutral in the last left hand port & the earth in one of the ones on the other side, husband thinks they were all 3 in a row on the left hand side before.

OK are the wires to the left jumpered together or not and has he linked two ports on the right together? Has it worked at all since he connected it? Finally did you follow the instructions on page 12 of the user manual on how to unlock the childproof lock. The latter will only be applicable if the hob worked since newly connected.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No they are not together, all spaced as far apart as possible it seems. I can't try the child lock thing as I can't get the hob to turn on. When we moved here we brought the whole hob wired in as it was in the work top, very strange I know, but it was the easiest way to transport it, husband then wired it into the original cooker socket, it worked, but as we were having all the kitchen re-wired & updated, we hired the electrician & let him 'sort it out'. All wire & socket plug-not a plug as such, but a cooker unit type-are brand new, the 'plug' has a switch to turn it on/off & lights up with a red light when on/live. The light is on now, but hob still dead.

I have to say that I think that the electrician has wired the hob incorrectly. Up to the point where you had him rewire it - it worked fine. So either he has incorrectly wired it, it has a fused spur that doesn't have sufficient fuse capacity and its blown or he damaged the electronics by miss wiring it. If I were you I would get him to come back and have a look, it may be something he forgot to connect or a simple error. Reality is it worked before he connected it up and now it doesn't !!
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He is coming back tomorrow anyway, he's trying to wriggle out of it tho, kept saying 'well I haven't broken your hob', so clearly he thinks he has! I'm with you, it worked before he started messing with it, now it doesn't, will end this now & see what tomorrow brings. Assume this session will time out? I'd like to let you know what happens! So will see if I can get back in/or leave feedback after it's sorted, assuming it is. Thanks for all your responses anyway, nice to have another electrician giving his honest opinion-more ammunition for me too! Regards.

Just leave this open and don't do anything else,. come back to me tomorrow when you have moved forward with him and let me know how it goes or if you need further advice. The question takes seven days to time out so we can continue until you are happy and then you can rate my information. I'm around most days so just ping back in and it will get directed to me ~ Ian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK, thanks, ***** ***** never used it before-obviously! But I'll let you know the outcome, many thanks, Helen

No worries Helen ~ I'm here to help. Take care and have a good evening.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Ian,

Just to let you know the electrician came back today, undid & rewired the hob, it still didn't work. He has now said that although he doesn't think he is responsible he will pay for any repairs? Bit of a contradiction, I would not pay for something that I did not believe was my fault. Luckily? We still owe him some money for work done, which I've now refused to give him until this is resolved. Rang neff head office, an electrician from them cannot visit until next Thursday, I'm waiting on a call back from someone locally who sells neff appliances & does do home calls for repairs & service. So, sadly, still not sorted.

Regards, Helen.

Totally agree I wouldn't pay either, but at least you are moving forward and hopefully it will be sorted for you tomorrow. As we seem to have gone as far as we can would you kindly rate the advice given to you. Once done you can continue to ask more questions on a free of charge basis. It just lets me clear the question off the system. Good luck and many thanks for keeping me in the loop ~~ Ian
Dales-Electronic and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

All done, thank you!!

Regards, Helen.

Thanks Helen, I am here if you need further information or have problems with prices or need other advice - good luck tomorrow ~ Ian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


The hob is fixed! There is a 'box' where all the main wires go into, on the other side of this (only accessible or visible if the covering plate to it is unscrewed) are all the connectors to the various rings, these have silver coloured ends that slot between grooves which grip them-like pincers. 2 of these were completely loose & out of the connectors that should have been gripping them, the rest were also a bit loose. All were tightened by the chap I called out. He said he had no idea how they could possibly have just 'come loose' on their own & also said it was just as well the hob hadn't worked in that state, as if it had, 2 of them could have connected, which would have blown the whole thing & possibly me?! Very pleased it's fixed, but bemused. He did say the constant switching on/off, fiddling about & turning the whole hob over several times to rewire it wouldn't have helped, but he'd never come across it before? Call out & repair £70. Not told the electrician yet! Regards, Helen.

I thought it might be that ~ we get it all the time, its because these hobs are for use across the EU and can be connected on single or three phase electric with various different voltages. Selection is by what we call 'jumpers' if you get the jumpers wrong or don't connect them correctly then things don't happen. The electrician wants to think himself lucky if he had blown up one of the pcbs it would have cost him £150 for the part. Glad you got it sorted out ~ enjoy your dinner ~ Ian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Think I may print your comments off-without your name attached-& give to the electrician. He has agreed to pay, only because I've now told him I'm taking £70 off his final bill. He kept saying he thought the decorator had possibly done it? Decorator was decorating, electrician was rewiring. Needless to say we won't be using him again. Thanks for your more accurate description of my non teccie words. Always handy to know these things for the future. We did enjoy dinner-thanks!


That is fine, in defence of the electrician we get this all the time, whilst most electricians are wonderful at electrical wiring when it comes to appliances their knowledge is usually fairly poor. However, if he wasn't sure of how to do it then he should have asked for assistance from Neff or a local appliance engineer. The problem like everything is that all disciplines have become much more specific. When I started 25 years ago plumbers were doing refrigeration work not any longer ~ I had to go to college full time for 3 years before I was let loose. Doesn't help either that most instruction/installations for Bosch Siemens Neff are in german !! Glad you got sorted and thanks for the kind rating. Have a great weekend