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What is the wash program sequence Zanussi FJ1033 at position

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What is the wash program sequence for a Zanussi FJ1033 at position C
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries - could you give me the pnc or product code on the rating label please Ted

OK the program sequence on programs a,b,c assuming that you have the FJ1033a (there are four versions) is ~

A = Wash @ 95C 4 Rinses and a full spin

B = Wash @ 60C 4 Rinses and a full spin

C = Wash @ 40C 4 Rinses and a full spin

Having now answered your query would you kindly rate my service to you below this allows me to close down the job but lets you ask further questions on a free of charge basis ~ thank you for the question ~ Ian

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


I require a little more information: During program 'C' which fills from cold when does the heater come into operation? Program B hot and cold fill but the machine just sits there purring waiting for something but what?

I am trying to establish if the Timer or the pressure switch is faulty.

OK the machine will agitate for about 5 minutes and the heater should come on and start to heat the water agitating until it reaches the required temperature ie 40C, once this is reached it will continue the wash then pump out and rinse followed by a long spin. From what you have told me I would suggest that you have a problem with the heater circuit. The best way to find out is to put it on a 95C wash and see if the door glass gets very hot. You have not stated why you rebuilt the appliance which would be helpful to give me an idea of what components/strip down procedure you followed and what you might have disconnected. Ian
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ian, I had to completely strip the machine for tw reasons:

1. The weight on the front had come loose and elongated the drum housing.

2. The machine failed to empty.

During my investigations I found that the Door seal and a several hoses were perforated and weeping. Drum Bearings OK. Disconnected Heater circuit completely and checked the various thermostats. On reassembly I incorrectly installed one of the stats in the drum when it was supposed to fit on the end of the pump. This rectified I found that the wiring to the pump was broken at the connector point. Remade joint and put machine through the 95 Degree wash (A) to clear out and debris and verify the Heater was operational. All appeared OK but wife was not happy with the Temperatures on 60 & 40 washes. I temporary installed a Temp Probe on the door to check the operating Temperatures. 40 degree wash only reaches 33.5 degrees, 60 degree wash is 55.2 and the 95 degree wash reaches 94.7 degrees. As stated earlier on the 60 degree wash the water heats to 55.2 and it seems to go into a lull after empting the second time, the rinse cycle and final spin are questionable as the washing does not appear to be as fresh & dry as normal. During the spin cycle the motor spins up and seems to pulse before switching into full speed. Regards Ted

Morning Ted ~ thank you for the in depth response, to be honest the machine seems to be working perfectly. The slight temperature difference listed prob/glass is what I would expect as there is a 10% error allowance and you are not testing it at site of water but through the glass. The pause you refer to is used to stop the clothes creasing (crease care) its a bit like letting meat rest after you have cooked it. Regarding the spin, this is also normal as the machine has to remove in stages the water (water = load on motor), until about 70% is removed it will not spin at full speed. You therefore go through a phase of spinning and then gently revolving and then back to spinning until this is achieved. All seems in order to me for a 1000 spin speed appliance ~ Ian
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ian, sorry for slow response but I ended in Hospital with pneumonia and have just bee discharged.

I have 2 further Questions:

1. Where approximately would the water line be when the washing machine is full? When my machine is full the water line is barely level with the lower edge of the drum and I am concerned that it may be insufficient.

2. What governs the water content within the machine?



The water level is controlled by the pressure switch which is connected to the lower drum by a small tube that subsequently fits on a chamber on the right hand side of the tub. Sometimes these block up with scale and need 'degunging' but generally this causes the machine to overfill rather than underfill. I would expect the tub when empty to fill to between the lower edge of the door glass and 1/3rd of the way up on your appliance.
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