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My Electrolux oven has ceased working P.N.C.944171415 / Model

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My Electrolux oven has ceased working P.N.C.944171415 / Model EOD43102X /
Serial No 74600018
My wife set the oven on and decided to to go upstairs, I was down in the Kitchen when I heard a dull noise ,not knowing where it came from I assumed a bird had hit the window I mentioned to my wife what I heard and thought nothing of it until she tried to use the cooker and it would not heat up.
The top grill is fine.
Can you advise
Jim McDermott *****@******.***
Hey JimMy name is ***** ***** I am an appliance expert here and I can try to help you today.
So the oven will not do anything at all?
It will not bake or broil? Does the main control board light up at all?
If other functions to the oven are working as normal and the only part of the oven that is not working is either the bake or broil, then I would advise looking at the elements really well with a flashlight and see if it is broken.
If it is broken then it can be easily replaced and repaired cheaply. Just check that and get back to m here and I will help you more. I can get you part info, should you need it, cheaply. And walk you through the repair process as well. This will all save you time and money.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Dear Jon

I am sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I have had problems signing in,

Forget the recent email from me.

Checking the top oven.

The top oven is working temperature light on.

Checking main oven

Fan rotating, inside light on, temperature light on.

Oven not heating up Tested at 100 degrees, thermostat light will not go off, Grill in main oven working.

Seems like an element has blown.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

After receiving advice from u tube through there video

I found the problem (element blown) I have ordered a new one and expect delivery soon. It was simple to strip down and I don't think I will have much of a problem fitting the new one (easier said than done)

waiting for the part to arrive.


That is great. I am glad that you found the issue. If you remember, I told you previously to look at the elements that they were most likely the issue. I hope that you didnt go through too much trouble testing the element to find that it was bad. And didnt pay too much for the element itself.
If you need any other help please get back to me here and I will help you more. And if you feel that I have helped to answer your questions please remember to rate me positively below this chat with ok service or better rating. After rating me please know that it will not close our chat. You will be able to get back to me here for up to 30 days if you need more help and I will help you more for no additional charge.
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