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George-Allsorts, Senior Appliance Technicial Manager
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  A whitegoods technician with 30+ years service in Domestic Appliance Service & Repair, and General Mechanical & Electrical Repair
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My Norcool corner fridge 2003 installed, has stopped working

Customer Question

My Norcool corner fridge 2003 installed, has stopped working after a heavy use party where the fridge had considerable content inside and a lot of use of door for two days. Light comes on, fan comes on for about 5 seconds, I hear the fridge starting up but it then cuts out and "dies". I put switch on, fan starts and then stops, light stays on. Before calling for on site service is there anything simple I should try to fix
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Appliance
Expert:  George-Allsorts replied 2 years ago.

Hello, my name is***** you are attempting to start the fridge, are you turning the power off?

Also, do you know the model of the fridge?

Kindly be patient whilst awaiting any responses from me as I'm not constantly available.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I cannot see the model number. It is a large Norcool corner fridge integrated supplied in 2003- I believe there is only one model for a corner fridge. I have turned the power on and off at the main switch. What seems to be happening perhaps is that the fridge thinks the door is open and switches the fan off, even when the door is shut. I have now got the fan to stay on a bit longer when I shut the door (and it is cool air coming out, but I can hear it switch off again very soon. When the door light comes on the fan goes off. Intermittent.

Expert:  George-Allsorts replied 2 years ago.
It sounds like a fault in a door switch or reed switch.

To be honest, without the model number I cannot get service information or even build information, so I can not see what parts are where, or if you have an electronic sensor or analogue thermostat.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Norcool A/S 7162 Corner unit

Expert:  George-Allsorts replied 2 years ago.

Information that I can access from Norcool is minimal at current; however, what information I do have suggests that there is an automatic defrost on the units...

Please turn the unit on and wait for twenty mins to see if the system comes on. If the appliance is going into auto-defrost when it is coming on then what you are experiencing is normal with respect to the fan and cool air coming on... but this could still be a faulty sensor or door switch...

Let me know what happens.

Expert:  George-Allsorts replied 2 years ago.
What was the result of that test?