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I have an LG American fridge freezer. GR-L207DVZA. The water pipe that serves the door

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Hi, I have an LG American fridge freezer. GR-L207DVZA. The water pipe that serves the door dispenser and goes from the bottom at the back of the fridge to the front where it comes out of the fridge before going into the door has snapped. It has broken just where it exits a hole in the bottom wall of the fridge so needs to be replaced. I can't see how to get the old pipe out as looking from the back it disappears within the bowels of the machine. Any ideas? Do I need to turn the entire fridge over and access from underneath? thanks for your help
Hi, my name is ***** ***** I have been in the home improvement and repair field for 20 years. I will be very glad to help you today. You do not have to completely replace the line. You can just replace the section that is broken. You will be able to access the pipe from the back after removing the access. Cut the pipe there and inside then pull the section out from the back. Feed a new section through the grommit hole then attach with push couplings. I believe the size is 8mm. You will need two 8mm couplings and a section of 8mm piping.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks but I have tried that already and the hose will simply not pull out of its sheath or move at all. It just stretches and stays put as if something is holding it in place.
You may have to remove the rubber anchor then. When it is pushed into the hole it locks the line. If you destroy it you could just replace with a squirt of silicone to seal.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry, but I can't find any rubber anchor. The pipe goes from the valve at the back into a plastic sheath which then passes through a metal wall inside the machine behind the fan. The end of the pipe and the sheath appears from a hole in the bottom front of the fridge below the doors. I can't see anything which could be described as a rubber anchor holding it in place.
I'm thinking that I may just have to run a new pipe from the valve out of the back of the fridge and along the outside or underneath the whole appliance to reach the connector to feed the door rather than try and replace the existing pipe inside the appliance.
If you have any further thoughts please let me know. Thanks!
That was actually going to be the next thing I would suggest. The sleeve that the pipe goes through is the anchor I was referring to but it is not necessary that the pipe go through there. I have had to do the same thing before if I was not easily able to remove the existing pipe from the sleeve. Just be sure that anywhere the pipe will be against an edge that may wear the pipe is protected. You can just just duct tape to wrap around the pipe anywhere it would be against any edge. I have small tubing insulation that I use but tape will be very protective also.
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