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I have a 36 volt 4.5 amp hour battery Bosch LI37 mower

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I have a 36 volt 4.5 amp hour battery for my Bosch LI37 mower which when on charge shows 3 ***** *****ghts which light up in sequence.Lately the one light appears much dimmer than the other two.Yesterday the motor stopped as if the charge was exhausted which was unlikely as the mower had only had 20 mins. running time since the last charge.It started up again and has since run with no trouble for a further 15 mins.The battery has been recharged 106 times over the last two and a quarter years. Occasionly the handle switch will click off.Is this a battery or switch problem?
Hi, I'm sorry to hear of your trouble.
The battery is in need of replacement but it is possible the handle switch is also wearing out. There is an automatically resetable fuse in the switch so when the mower seems to be drawing too much current it will click out and stay off for a few minutes until that fuse cools internally.
But at this point it sounds like all you need is a new battery because when the battery is failing it can cause this situation electrically;-)
Typically this is a very good mower and the battery seems to be work out but that is normal after so many charge cycles.
I will stick with you in case you need me further, you can reach me after rating at no additional cost .
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Thank you
Tech Michael
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