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Dales-Electronic, Home Appliance Technician
Category: Appliance
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Experience:  I am a Home Appliance / Refrigeration Technician of 25yrs+ with my own business and for multi-brand national companies.
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My Credaplan Cordialle model 48241 Mk2 makes a loud clattering

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My Credaplan Cordialle model 48241 Mk2 makes a loud clattering noise (caused by the fan?), which sometimes reduces when the oven warms up, if I bang hard with my fist on the control panel! I have taken off the control panel and tried to push the fan backwards using a screwdriver through a circular hole in the next panel, but the clattering always returns. Is there anything else I can do without spending a small fortune to get an electrician in? (I am an O.A.P. with cancer). The cooker is set between cupboards, above and below it. It came with the house, but there was no manual to go with it, and I cannot read the full model number, which is on the inside of the oven door, so quite illegible. Please advise. Michael.
Hello My name is Ian ~ I am not on the site constantly so please be patient whilst waiting for responses to you queries ~ can you just confirm that it is the fan in the top that is noisy not the fan oven motor in the main oven?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ian, I have not received an answer, but a QUESTION! You do not seem to know what model of oven I am asking about, although I explained clearly and gave the model number, It is NOT a big freestanding stove, but a 60cm wide by 59cm high electric cooker, i.e., one oven with one fan above.

If you cannot advise/answer, please get Dales-Electronic or Just Answer to return my £20 IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT DEDUCT ANY MORE MONEY.

Michael SAVAGE.

Sir, I am fully aware of what type of oven it is, however there are two fans fitted to this unit, one in the top and one in the oven ~ would you kindly advise which one you are talking about? In both cases if they are noisy they need to be replaced as they are not designed to be stripped down and rebuilt. I hope this clarifies why I asked the question.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm still awaiting return of my £20 (twenty GB pounds). It might not sound much to you, but I was not given good service and I was told it was free for the first week. Did JustAnswer forward my money to you from PayPal or not? Someone has it and doesn't deserve it! M.Savage (email***@******.***)
Firstly I disagree with your statement above, the advice supplied was correct and appropriate to the information provided by you. By giving a rating 'good service' this indicated you were satisfied with that supplied. Had you wanted further help you only had to ask for it and this would also have been forwarded to you. You asked if there was anything you could do to stop the clattering, the advice was that the fan should be replaced as it was a non serviceable item. Candidly, if I had been called out to diagnose the problem at your home I would have charged you £45.00p call out which you would have had to pay regardless of whether you decided to replace the fan yourself or have me do it for you at extra cost. You have been supplied with the information to allow you to make an informed decision, which way you do it is up to you and outside the scope of the original question.
Regarding payment this is looked after by JustAnswer in America and has nothing to do with the UK based experts.