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I have a Bosch KSR3000GB/54 fridge after 2 weeks holiday found

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I have a Bosch KSR3000GB/54 fridge after 2 weeks holiday found it warm inside (not cool) on opening door burning electrical smell inside. Switched it off at wall socket.
Switched it back on three weeks later. Fridge compressor immediately started to work. Ran for 16 seconds, cut out for 30 seconds. Allowed fridge to run for 10-20 cycles like this. Fridge interior light works. Fridge internal fan (at top of fridge) stationary when fridge compressor working, turned very slowly when compressor NOT working. Acrid burning small in fridge starting again. Any idea what the problem is please, is it the internal fan motor. If so, how do you get this part off to fit a replacement please.
Hi and thank you for choosing Just Answer.
I am Tech Michael and I will be assisting you today.
Please be patient as these are technical questions that may require a bit of conversation to solve. Also remember to be detailed in your description of the problem. That will help me make a diagnosis quickly for you.
How old is your fridge?
Also where is the smell more prominent in the fridge or freezer compartment if you can tell?
And, any thing sound different when it is running?
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Michael, I am not sure how old the fridge is, perhaps 10 years. It is a tall upright fridge, not a fridge freezer so the smell is prominent in the top of the fridge. The fridge compressor ran for 16 seconds when I switched in on after 3 weeks off, then it cut out for 30 seconds and it repeated this for about 20 times. The internal fan turned very slowly when the compressor was not working. The fridge has a fan motor in the middle of the inside at the top.

Thank for that info Pam,
this may have a bad fan since it is turning slowly and it would explain the smell. But this may be something more. Really the only way to be sure would be by trying to rotate the fan blade by hand. Let me know if it spins freely or has resistance. Do this with power off.
You mentioned that the fan is spinning slowly when the compressor is off, what about when the compressor is running? And how do you know if the fan spins slow if you cant see it? I only ask that because you asked how to remove the fan.
The fan is removed easily with just two screws holding it in place and its easy to get, I will provide you the best place for parts once we are sure what is actually the issue. Thanks for your patience Pam;-)
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Michael, when the compressor is running the fan is stationary. The fan rotates easily by hand when the fridge is off. I can see the fan because the fan cover has lots of holes all over it like a honeycomb.

The part is called the fan motor and on e spares the part number is ES725001. There are no screws holding it in placed but I can see through the holes that there is an alan key hole in the top back of the part but I didn't know if this was one complete part or a cover for the fan.

Hi Pam thanks for the information. I know the fan is stationary.
The problem is that if the fan rotates freely when you spin it by hand then its not likely a bad fan. Also the problem you are having doesn't go along with the burning smell or the slow rotation when the compressor is running.
The fan should always run at the same speed. this sounds much more like either a compressor problem or the main control board.
Please check those parts to see if the burning smell is stronger there. You can find the control board bu pulling the fridge out from the wall and see if you see a small panel on the back of the fridge. If so the control board is inside there. If you don't have the door on the bad of the fridge yours will be inside the lower panel where the compressor is located. Incidentally, Espares is who I would recommend for parts as well;-)
Please let me know what you find. Because the fact that the fan spins slowly at anytime and the burning smell indicates a short circuit and it is usually on the board. also the fact that the compressor kicks off so often is also an indicator of this trouble. I have been a refrigeration technician for over 30 years loll.
I will stick with you in case you need me further, you can reach me after rating at no additional cost .
please be sure to rate my answer kindly at this time before closing this page.
It won't cost you anything additional to rate and I will be with you at no additional cost and you can always get in touch with me if you need further help;-)
Thank you Pam.
Tech Michael
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