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Bottom spray arm in neff dishwasher rotates freely and is not

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bottom spray arm in neff dishwasher rotates freely and is not clogged but does not spin during wash cycle. top arm works as normal. any idea what the problem might be?
Hi and thank you for choosing Just Answer.
I am Tech Michael and I will be assisting you today.
Please be patient as these are technical questions that may require a bit of conversation to solve. Also remember to be detailed in your description of the problem. That will help me make a diagnosis quickly for you.
May I have the full model # ***** your dishwasher?
Also how old it is?
Thank you
Tech Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

it is a neff S51M63x1gb/01

Thank you Jim,
et the machine on a wash.
During the wash, open the door.
Set the arms at a front to rear position.
Close the door and let it wash for 5 minutes.
Open the door, have the arms turned?
Add a jug of water to the machine to bring the water level up.
Repeat the test.
Let me know what happens.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I've already tried that- top arm moves bottom one does not. I have taken it out, cleaned it and check holes- nothing is clogged. when I replace it, it clicks into place and swings freely. I'm baffled

Thanks Jim,
Does any water come out of the arm?
Also does the water come out forcefully enough to wet the bottom of the dishes cups etc?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

as I open the door I can see water coming out of the holes. I noticed the problem when a pan wasn't washed at all underneath- but other items were-

Thanks Jim,
This is going to be an issue with either the
delivery tube & internal pump parts.
If you have hard water deposits built-up on the internal components I recommend replacing them.
You can also check and replace the pump because if there isn't enough pressure you will have this problem. I would also replace the water inlet solenoid at this time to be sure that isn't a problem as well.It isn't very expensive and I will help you do all this at no additional cost. In most cases I find that the problem is a weak water pump, pretty easy to replace from underneath the machine. The best place to get a new pump is Espares, for cost and reliability also they ship same day in most cases.
Phone#: 0844 9777 888. Its best to call for these parts as they don't list all parts online.
I will stick with you until your unit is working correctly,and it won't cost you anything additional to rate my service. You can always get in touch with me if you need further assistance after rating;-)
Thank you and have a nice day Jim ;-)
This should solve your problem.
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