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AEG L620260FL stopped mid cycle

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AEG L620260FL stopped mid cycle


Can you double check the model number please as its not comming up.

Or better still can you post the product number (pnc) It will start with a 9. But you need to prefix it with an A otherwise it will get crossed out.

Eg A912345678


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sorry I put in an extra 2 after the first 6. The number should have been L60260FL. It was described as a SLimdepth ashing Machine, 6kg load A++ energy rating , 1200rpm spin White.

That is the model number I ordered with when I bought it from ***** ***** in February 2012. I don't have any other reference. It may be a ***** ***** version of a general AEG model number.

Is that reply any use?


Thats great ive got it now.

As to the fault whats it actually doing?

Can you get it to start?

If so start it going and then press and hold the start button and the button to the left of it and keep them both held in.

After a few seconds the error code will come up E??

Let me know the code.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I shall relay that to the tenant. Does she need to turn off at wall or unplug?

No it need to be turned on to be able to see the error code.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I passed on your message and await a reply for our tenant.

No worries thats fine. Once we have the error code i can give a better answer then.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
From tenant-
The code is E21. When you press start it makes a low noise, sounds like a motor is running which pauses for a minute or so and resumes, but no movement / water pouring in or out etc. The timer advances, but very slowly.


Thanks for that. E21 is a draining error code.

What they need to do first is check the drain hose and were it drains to and make sure thats all clear. If it goes under a sink then check the spigot it pushes onto isnt blocked.

Then they need to check the filter. If they open the small square door in the bottom rght corner of the washer they will see the filter. Open this up and remove it. They will need a few towels for that part.

Give this a good clean out. Then with the filter out look inside the chamber were it goes and in there at the back is the pump impeller X shape. Make sure theres nothing stuck in there jamming it up.

Then refit the filter and retry the washer and fingers crossed thats sorted it from there.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The washer is as I understand still full of water.

Will opening the filter drain run the risk of letting all the water drain out of the drum all over the floor?

or is it only part of the water that will leak out?

The flat is on the first floor with another flat below.

Might I be better getting a washer man out to do this? I am not sure how confident three young girl tenants might be - not wishing to seem ageist or sexist.

If they open the small square door there may be a small grey hose.

They need to pull it out and hang it into bowl and pop the cap off and they can drain the water out that way. But be carefull not to pull it to hard and far otherwise it will come off.

Failing all that then you may be best getting an engineer in just in case as you dont want a flood in the flat below if they dont refit it correctly.

I think its just a blocked pump so fingers crossed if you get someone in then its hopefully a cheap fix for you.


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