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My Bosch SGI6600GB dishwasher has stopped working. When

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Hi, my Bosch SGI6600GB dishwasher has stopped working.
When any cycle is selected, the remaining time is displayed, followed by a humming sound for about a minute. Eventually the clock times out but the cycle doesn't start.
Maybe it's an inlet or pump issue?
Any ideas or checks that I could complete before calling someone in.


If you open the door is there still water laying in the bottom of the dishwasher?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There was yesterday when the problem first occurred. The display said 1 min remaining and stayed like this. After an hour I opened the door and there was a pool of water, and the dishes were not washed just wet.
There is no water in the unit now.


Ok did it drain the water out itself or did you scoop it out by hand?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Itself over 24 hours. Nothing in there now.

Ok so if you set it going on a cycle now the first thing it should do is bring the drain pump on. Then after a few seconds or so it will start to fill.

Do you hear the pump running?

If not then is this when you hear the humming noise?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Pump doesn't run, I can hear a low humming noise for about 150 seconds.
However when I pressed the start button, on the intensive 70 deg wash, the time remaining is 52 mins, so the dishwasher thinks it's in the middle of a cycle


Ok the humming noise you hear sounds like a blocked pump.

What you can try first is remove the bottom basket and take out the filters and the mesh filter.

Then look inside the sump and at th bottom on the left is a cover. Its held on by a screw (star shapped).

Remove the screw then you can remove the cover.

In there is the pump impeller. Check theres nothing stuck in there. But be carefull as its usually glass that blocks it up.

Make sure the impeller turns ok. Then refit the cover and screw and retry it and see how it goes from there. Fingers crossed this wllill cure it and get it up and running again for you.

But if you cannot clear it that why then the dishwasher will need to be pulled out and panels removed to access the pump from there and remove it and check it from there.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Tried the impeller and it doesn't rotate freely. Once I twist about 1/4 of a turn it jumps to 1/2 a turn. Can't find any obstructions.
I spent the last 40 mins gettig the dishwasher out into the kitchen.
What panels do I need to remove. This is turning into a big job!

Ok the impeller does ping round in stages so you may feel a bit of resistance on the pump impeller.

As to accessing the pump. What you can try first is remove the outer door panel.

Then below the door you will see a metal panel above the plastic base, You need to remove this.

Then with that off you will see a hose on the far left. Pull this off.

Then you will see the pump. You need to twist it off and remove it from there and then you can fully make sure the pump is clear.

Then you can retry it from there and see how it goes.

But i must warn you its not the easist job to do if you havent done it before as there isnt much room in there to work in.


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