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George-Allsorts, Senior Appliance Technicial Manager
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I have a VW T5 which has been converted to a campervan professionally.

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I have a VW T5 which has been converted to a campervan professionally. The fridge is a brand new Waeco and seemed to work OK last year. After the first cam this year I noticed it was working but not cooling, also the red warning light flashes in 5 second intervals pauses 2 seconds then repeats. If the fridge id turned off the compressor still goes and the red light still flashes, the only way top stop the fridge is to pull the fuse.
I would be grateful if you could throw some light on this problem.
Flee,t Hants
Hello, my name is George..

"Thermal cut-out of electronic unit
If the error light is flashing five times every 5 seconds, the refrigeration system has been too heavily loaded, or if the surrounding temperature is high, the electronics will run too hot. This is generally caused by not allowing enough ventilation around the vents of your fridge. To overcome this, simply ventilate your fridge more effectively."

Kindly be patient whilst awaiting any responses from me as I'm not constantly available.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ok Thanks

I will have to remove the fridge first to check the ventilation and will give you a rating when done. Many thanks

Ok Noel

The description of the fault comes from the Waeco fault list.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Removed the fridge from housing so the working parts are in open air and the same thing happened after about 10 minutes. reset again by removing the fuse and same thing again. the temp of the condenser coil was rising but after trip it was cold again!

Any more suggestions ?

The whole unit must have only done about 50 hours from new.



Thank you for getting back to me Noel, and thank you for being patient... Can you answer a few questions for me:

You say that if the fridge is turned off the compressor continues to run.. This sounds like you have a fault in the electrical supply... Do you mean when you turn it down at the temperature control?

If so, then the temperature controller may be faulty.. If this is the case and the compressor is therefore running constantly, then it may cut out via the thermal overload protection of the compressor.
Five Flashes ( If the cooling system is overloaded or the ambient temperature is too high, the electronic unit becomes too hot )

The same will be the case if the system has leaked its R134a refrigerant; the compressor will run constantly as it tries to bring the system to the correct temperature, but will then cut out as the compressors thermal protection cuts in.

1. What is the model of your fridge
2. Are the feet on the appliance? (for cool air influx)
3. Is there a gap of atleast 50mm above the fridge? (for heat escape)
4. Is the fan running (if applicable)?
5. Is the compressor hot?

I must ask that you now rate the assistance given..
I shall still converse with you to assist as much as I can.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi George

The model is a CR50

Yes I mean that the compressor and possibly the fan continues to run when the control knob is turned of, the light also remains on.

The only way I can stop it is to take out the fuse.

The last time I tried to reset it started normally but then cut out after about 10 minutes. The temperature of the compressor and condensing coil was warm when operating but once the red light came on it was cool.

Almost like it wasn't pumping any coolant round the system. Perhaps that it is so I will need to contact someone who can top it up (unless it is a sealed system) .

There is a small gap both underneath and on top of the appliance of about 15mm each but a large gap at the back. The same happened when the fridge was in the open so I don't think it is ventilation.

I suspect it may still have a guarantee on it as it is under 2 years old and I am currently trying to get the necessary info to pass to a service engineer.

Please answer this time but after your input I think I will have to contact a Service engineer, if I can get hold of one!!



Ok Noel, thanks for answering that...

If the compressor and the fan continue to run following the control knob being turned off then the controller is faulty..

If the controller is faulty then the temperature is not being measured correctly and therefore the unit will switch off prmaturely.

It does not sound like the problem is one of a lack of refrigerant.

Hopefully this has a warranty on it still and I think you'll find that it is a faulty Thermostat

Let me know how you get on with this.. and as I said, if you need any further advice, I am here.

George-Allsorts and other Appliance Specialists are ready to help you