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My insinkerator 65 is leaking from the base, if I run too much

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My insinkerator 65 is leaking from the base, if I run too much water into it. Is it repairable?
Hi if its rusted out it may be leaking from there, but the usual places the leak from are the waste pipe connection or the seal at the top against the sink . dry every thing off completely , then run the water whilst feeling / checking underneath to find exactly where its coming from . the seal are available to buy still , so if its one of those you won't have to buy a new unit
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The seal to the sink is good. The waste pipe connection is dry. It is not rusty. If the sinkerator runs with a small water flow, there is no leak. If there is a large water flow, it leaks from the metal base of the unit where the pipe to the switch etc connects. The leak is either through or round the motor.I suspect that there is a faulty seal where the motor shaft enters the grinding chamber.

I am quite good at mechanisms and have little doubt that I could dismantle the unit, which has now been uninstalled. Would I be able to get necessary spares?

The local service agent does not answer his phone.

Hi , I very much doubt it as not many people have the expertise to do this. You might find going to insinkerators site and contacting the service agents . they may be cabkle to get you the parts you need , but I'm only guessing , sorry . havent come across a leak from there before
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

In spite of your doubts I have successfully dismantled my insinkerator and confirmed that the fault is a rust hole in the grinder chamber base plate.

The only real cure is a new plate, but I cannot find a source of spares. Do you know of one?

Additionally, I have been unable to undo the bolt holding the grinder plate on to the motor shaft. I have used a hex-key to hold the shaft and a quality socket wrench to turn the bolt. I bent the hex-key. Is the nut left handed? (although I have tried that without success) Do I just need more force?

Have you dismantled an insinkerator yourself?

Hi to be honest I haven't as a customer is unlikely to pay me to dismantle one , I have always replaced as you can never be csure how long a repair will last and m customers wouldn't appreciate it if it went wrong again days later , but if it was in my own house I would definitely .internal parts I have not seen , I can only think of contacting insinkerator themselves . but fair play to you for stripping it down